TBC Classic Phase 1 Gold Making Tips and Tricks for WoW EU Servers

 June 7, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

World of Warcraft is always exciting at the very start of a new expansion when everything feels fresh. That means that for many players WoW TBC Classic Phase 1 is likely to be the most important one because this is when you start leveling up your characters and start experiencing the new content that awaits you beyond the Dark Portal. Similarly, Phase 1 is also when you should ideally start thinking about how to make gold for the coveted epic flying mount and various expensive items you’re going to need once you start raiding.

Now, if you choose to straight-up buy WoW EU TBC Classic gold from trustworthy websites like LootWoWGold, you won’t have to worry too much about your in-game finances. But if you want to farm the gold the old-fashioned way don’t worry because we’re here to help. In this article, we’re going to share with you some neat tips and tricks for making gold in TBC Classic Phase 1 while also discussing some farming techniques you probably didn’t know about. But before we get there let’s start off with the primary method of making gold on WoW EU servers:


This may seem obvious to veterans but a lot of new players still struggle with wrapping their heads around the importance of professions when talking about gold making in World of Warcraft. If you play your cards right, you can amass huge quantities of gold by relying exclusively on your professions. Of course, you’ll need to know which professions are the most profitable and also when to sell raw materials rather than use them for crafting. We’re going to discuss all of that in this next section.

Mining & Herbalism

This is arguably the most profitable combination in TBC Classic Phase 1 if you want to use your professions strictly for gold making and don’t plan on crafting anything for yourself. When you’re running these two professions all you have to do is roam around Outland collecting herbs and ores, sell the valuable ones on the auction house, and dump all the cheap stuff at vendors. Rinse and repeat. Having a flying mount will increase the efficiency of your faming by a lot. You should also consider looking for an add-on that tracks herbs and mineral nodes because there’s bound to be a lot of competition on both WoW Classic EU and NA servers.

Leatherworking & Tailoring

If you love crafting items that sell for heaps of gold on the auction house you’ll definitely want to pick up Leatherworking in TBC Classic Phase 1. That’s because there are more than two dozen Leatherworking recipes in this expansion that let you craft blue BoE gear, most of which come from various faction reputations. The easiest way to grind reputation with most of these factions is to run as many dungeons as possible. Ideally, you’ll want to start working your way towards that goal as you’re leveling up.

Coincidentally, there is a wide variety of Tailoring recipes for BoE Rare and Epic items that have a chance of dropping from dungeon mobs and bosses. Since you’re running lots of dungeons anyway to get the rep needed to unlock the aforementioned patterns, you might as well also learn Tailoring just in case one of those rare recipes drops. You will need some luck to get your hands on them of course, but if you do, you’ll be able to sell the crafted items for heaps of gold in Phase 1. If you don’t like relying on RNG, however, you can go the traditional route and pair Leatherworking with Skinning.

Important Crafting Materials

You don’t necessarily need specific professions in order to farm and sell certain crafting materials. In fact, it’s better if you don’t have any related professions because that way you can sell everything you farm and won’t be tempted to use the materials yourself. But as you can probably guess, some mats are more important than others. There are two, in particular, that remain valuable throughout WoW TBC Classic Phase 1 and beyond. These are:

Netherweb Spider Silk

Since we’ve talked about profitable professions in TBC Classic Phase 1 we also have to talk about some of the most sought-after crafting materials. And few materials are more valuable on WoW EU servers than Netherweb Spider Silk. This silk is needed to craft powerful epic cloth sets like Frozen Shadoweave, Primal Mooncloth, and Spellfire. The Spellfire set, primarily used by Mages, is arguably the best and requires the most Nethwerweb Spider Silk to craft. In addition to sets, silk is also needed to craft various bags.

So why is this material so valuable and how do you get it? The value of the silk comes from the fact that it is primarily farmed from the spiders found around the center of Terrokar Forest, which have a relatively low chance to drop it. And since the silk is needed to craft so many powerful items, there are always players there trying to farm it, usually in groups. You should seriously consider creating a character on a low population server specifically for faming Netherweb Spider Silk and try to do most of your farming at night if possible.

Aside from Terrokar Forest, the only other consistent way of farming the silk in TBC Classic Phase 1 is from The Balck Morass dungeon. More specifically, from the Blackfang Tarantulas found within the dungeon. Netherweb Spider Silk is a white item so you won’t be able to roll for it against other players. That means it’s first come first served whenever a piece of silk drops from dungeon mobs. Because of this, it’s recommended to go farming with a group of friends that will let you have all the silk if possible. Either that, or learn Tailoring so you can tell people you need the silk for crafting.


Primals are another great source of gold making on WoW Classic EU servers, even better than Netherweb Spider Silk in some instances. While silk is primarily used by Tailors, Primals are required by pretty much every crafting profession. There are quite a few of these materials you can find throughout Outland, including Primal Water, Primal Fire, Primal Earth, Primal Life, Primal Shadow, Primal Mana, Primal Nether, and Primal Might. All of these are important in their own right but some of them are definitely more valuable than others.

There are multiple ways of farming these materials but the most common one is to gather Motes of the respective element and then combine them into a Primal. Motes for most Primals drop from mobs in the open world, especially elementals, but can also drop from mobs in dungeons. Alchemy is a must-have profession if you’re thinking about farming Primals because it allows you to transmute them from one type of element to another. Such as Air to Fire or Earth to Life. This is important to note because Primal Fire, for example, sells for a lot more than Primal Life or Primal Earth.

Similar to the farm spots for Netherweb Spider Silk, the farm spots for valuable Primals like Fire or Mana are pretty much always chock full of players, so getting the mats from simply killing mobs in the open world is much easier said than done. A good alternative is to gather Motes with the help of professions. Mining is by far the best one because it gives you a chance at finding both Motes of Fire and Motes of Earth while extracting ores. Meanwhile, Fishing gives you a chance to find Motes of Water while Herbalism lets you find Motes of Life while gathering. Not all Motes can be acquired via professions but remember that you can overcome this to a certain extend by using Transmutation.

Underbog Stealth Runs

Underbog stealth runs have been a staple among gold makers in the original Burning Crusade and can be just as profitable in TBC Classic Phase 1. The basic idea is that you can run around parts of The Underbog with a stealth class while collecting herbs and mining ores along the way. You’ll want to learn Mining and Herbalism for this otherwise there’s not really a point in running it. It may take you a couple of tries to properly learn the farming route but it will definitely be well worth your time once you do. The best thing about this farm is that you can do it solo and keep resetting the dungeon in order to maximize your profits.

As far as the downsides are concerned, they are pretty obvious. Underbog Stealth runs only work if you’re playing a stealth-based character such as a Rogue or a Druid. Rogues are by far the best class for this run because they can lockpick the chest inside for extra loot and avoid being killed by the mobs that can detect hidden players. You can outsmart those mobs as a Druid as well but the technique is more gimmicky because Druids can’t vanish in combat as Rogues can.

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