Sports betting in Asia

 May 10, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

Betting in Asia is predominant. As compared to the rest of the world, Asians alone pocket billions of pounds each year by gambling. It is safe to conclude that the betting industry is growing exponentially. New formats of betting are on the rise. Players are now taking advantage of bigger and better bets. For most Asians, betting and gambling have become much more than just a leisure activity.

On the other hand, due to immense popularity, bookmakers have begun operating at lower margins than their peers throughout the world. The stakes involved in every betting event is massive. Those winning are winning huge. Such is the surge and craze of betting!

The most important factor giving rise to betting in Asia is the shifting prices. In European counterparts, the price is nearly thrice that of Asia. Hence, it is wise and economical to gamble in Asian countries from a punter’s perspective than in Europe. From the bookmaker’s point of view, providing prices at a lower margin will keep a punter hooked for the long term.

Bets on the sporting event

Due to the immense popularity of betting in Asia, it is not uncommon to see bets on sports events. Bookmakers offer excellent betting opportunities at low prices on almost every game of football. Sports betting has instead become a culture of Asia. There isn’t a single sport today that you cannot place a bet on.

Die-hard fans of Asian sport place bets on their favourite sports at least once in their lifetime. Betting over sports makes the game more exciting and fun to witness.

Popular types of bets

Asian handicap is the most common type of bet that Asians use while betting on sports. The popularity of the Asian handicap bet is the elimination of ‘draw’ in the event. This reason led to the widespread popularity of the Asian handicap bet across the world.

This type of betting finds use in almost all the major sports, including NHL and hockey. However, it is prevalent in football leagues and football games.

Another vital advantage of the Asian handicap is that it gives the bookmaker a smaller margin comparatively. Secondly, it evens the betting odds and provides a fair possibility of a 50-50 outcome. Hence, all games are not only attractive but also fair and square. Even if the teams vary significantly in their ability to play, such a bet still evens that situation.

This site is rare in European nations. The fares are high, and players are less in number when compared to Asians.

Another popular type of bet is the over and under bet and the ½ betting. Asian handicaps allow the occurrence of some of the most significant betting scenarios.

The Asian Betting industry

Taking advantage of the situation in European nations, the Asian betting market is paving the way for bettors of all levels. Semi-pro and professional players and agencies are exposed to the Asian betting market. Another reason for the easy pavement of the Asian betting industry in other parts of the world is the relaxed laws. A few years ago, laws, rules, and regulations were stringent. Many countries had gambling forbidden. However, in recent times, the laws have been relaxed and eased down a bit. In Asia, several fund safeguarding measures have made gambling industries trustworthy. Due to this factor, gambling welcomes several new players each year. Major gambling operators, including w88moinhat.com, 188bet, SBO, and Mansion sponsored teams, have been increasing awareness about the gambling market of the West.

A popular belief states that most football leagues’ trends are based on the Asian market. Odd changes are first visible in Asia. Almost all sporting events witness this situation. Since the Asian gambling market witnesses several big bets, the changes in price trends are quite evidently visible. Such disparities in the prices have time and again attracted several bettors from Europe. The awareness about the Asian gambling market has been spreading in the European nations.


Asia is a vast continent housing 48 nations and a total of 4.5 billion people. The laws governing gambling practices vary from one region to another. The gambling rules vary based on the nature of the sport and jurisdiction. Look for reliable gambling sites, and run some background checks. The method of deposit and withdrawal also varies in each of these nations. So ensure you are betting in legal and safe agencies.

BC Editorial Team


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