Save 9% on Samson SR880 Closed-Back Studio Headphones

 June 17, 2022

By  Erin Romero

Samson SR880 Closed-Back Studio Headphones are at 9% off on Amazon. It’s a limited-time offer. Avail it, enjoy the best sound quality at the best rates, and Experience premium comfort!

Samson SR880 Closed-Back Studio Headphones offer complete sonic clarity and are ideal for audio professionals and music lovers.

Better experience, better product, this is the perfect mix of comfort, and authentic sound, making it perfect for Musicians, steamers, and pod-casters in a studio.


  1. Samson headphones give you precise and accurate sound without noise or disturbance.
  2. It provides an excellent bass response, warm mids, and extended high frequencies.
  3. Designed for professionals, has a wide, spacious soundstage.
  4. These are built with premium durability and meet all the demands of users.
  5. It has audio accuracy and maintains a natural sound and detailed listening experience.
  6. These are over-Ear type Headphones, with fit style (Circumaural)
  7. Comfort is the key- Samson SR880 Closed-Back Studio Headphones have oval-shaped protein leather lightweight ear pads with a self-adjusting headband ideal for long listening sessions.
  8. Its back design provides ample sound isolation.
  9. Best for everyday use as these are light in weight.

Product Description

  • Brand Name: Samson
  • Model no: SR880
  • Samson Headphones weigh 8.64 ounces or 245 grams.
  • Single coiled pickup configuration.
  • The material type used for ear pads is Leather, and the Body material is made of Graphite
  • It has wired connectivity technology.
  • Item Dimensions are 7.87 x 7.87 x 4.72 inches.
  • Closed Dynamic type Headphones.
  • Equipped with 50mm driver, high sensitivity, providing the best bass response.
  • Accurate audio Flat 20Hz- 20 kHz frequency.
  • Impedance 32 ohms
  • The package includes a 1/8” to 1/4” gold plated adapter with a 3.5mm stereo mini connector.
  • Samson headphones are made with Neodymium magnets.
  • Return policy: This product can be returned within 30 days of purchase in its original conditions

Erin Romero


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