Recruitment Of Household Staff | Here’s Everything You Need To Know About

 February 13, 2022

By  BC Editorial Team

Finding skilled and honest domestic staff in any part of the world has been a problem. There is very little known about the person, and no proven track record is available to understand that the staff you are hiring is good at what they will be assigned to do. Moreover, they have access to your personal space and would be working in your home in or without your presence. So they must be honest and disciplined in every manner.

We are a leading household staff agency in Los Angeles that can find a suitable match for your daily work; whether it is laundry, cooking, driving, or any other job, we have plenty of workers with proven track records. We have an excellent record and vast experience of providing the clients with the best match of domestic and household staff and the clients are pretty happy with their performance and working. We have workers that can work in all kinds of locations and environments; whether you need them for homes, apartments, offices, private island, lodge, private villa, yachts, private planes, or diplomatic residence, we will provide you with qualified staff that will work exactly as your expectations.

Not only do we consider the skills and credibility in the recruitment of staff, but we also consider their behavior, temper, background, and mental and psychological health so that our clients would not make complaints of any kind. We have experts in recruiting staff based on their skills and behaviors, and the finest and most suitable candidates are selected that are qualified and trained to work in any highly disciplined environment like working for top-level business professionals, royal families, VIPs, VVIPs, celebrities, artists, political and diplomatic figures.

We keep records of all the clients and candidates and update them from time to time to give us proper knowledge and information to choose the candidate with their most suitable clients. Their relationship and bonding go on for years without mismanagement and misconception.

What We Provide?

We provide all kinds of household staff such as:

Housekeepers: to take care of and look after the house with child care and cooking abilities.

Couples: To take care of all the indoor and outdoor work such as driving, cooking, laundry, maintenance, and many other tasks.

Nannies: Nannies with high skills to take care of elders, and we also provide nurses with proper education to take care of patients.

Butler: Specially trained in serving and working in white-collar meetings and parties. House Manager: to hand them all kinds of work from security to maintenance, house bills, events, child care, office boy and many other tasks.

Cooks: highly skilled and well-educated chefs and cooks who can cook all kinds of continental and local foods with proper hygiene and quality. The work is not limited to just the cooking, but they can also help in many other kitchen and household tasks and organize parties and events. They can also make their food according to your religious and medical preference.

Weekend Staff: We can also provide weekend staff to compensate for your regular team that is on leave and are highly experienced and skilled in all their work.

Temporary staff: you might need a different team for parties or events. The company can provide you with highly trained temporary staff working in a new environment with total efficiency.


We offer significant advantages and benefits over other domestic staff recruitment companies:

  • Proper record of all the candidates.
  • Constant update of documents according to working conditions
  • Mental and physical health check of the candidate
  • The legal and medical record check
  • Privacy and confidentiality secured
  • All kinds of household staff
  • Highly skilled and educated workers
  • The highly competitive hiring process
  • Exceptional staff for cooking, gardening, and other particular tasks

No matter what type of staff you wish for and what kind of working conditions you are in, you can always find a suitable match. We have thousands of satisfied clients and candidates. Our candidates are checked for their medical and legal history to know everything that might be helpful for you. The staff is very caring and supportive in all kinds of activities. Our workers are primarily children friendly and can also handle babies. We also offer permanent babysitters to better care of your children while you are away from home. The staff is also skilled in household technical and safety skills and knows exactly what to do in any unwanted event or case of emergency or accidents. The staff is trained and constantly updated in their skills. The workers are limited to experts in the work you hired them for.

Take advantage of what we offer and give us a call today, and we will arrange the best matching household worker that will genuinely meet all your requirements.

BC Editorial Team


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