Reasons Why You Need To Hire An Inspector Before Buying A House

 August 8, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

Buying a house is a significant investment, and your home will be a place you will be staying in for a long time. As a buyer and a prospective homeowner, you have the right to conduct various types of inspections before buying a house. A home inspection is not only a contract contingency but also a measure of assurance that ensures the habitability, safety, and structural integrity of your potential home. As a contract contingency, it protects the buyer through a provision that they can back out of the purchase offer if significant defects are discovered during the inspection. That said, a home inspector can be a valuable ally for home buyers by ensuring that their prospective home is safe and worth their money. Here, there are several other reasons you need to know why you should hire an inspector before buying a house.

Avoid Home Purchase Risks

An excellent home inspector can help you make informed decisions about your home purchase. First-time buyers particularly benefit from hiring an inspector since they are not yet familiar with the home-buying procedures, steps, and inspections to be conducted. Home inspectors have an intimate knowledge of the area where the property is located, what structures need to be stable and durable, and what minor or significant defects warrant your attention. Inspectors specialize in commercial and residential buildings, and a building inspector Adelaide-based or based on any major city has extensive exposure and experience with building inspections. Whether you are a business owner or a prospective homeowner, an inspector can help make a health checkup on the building you are about to purchase. Some irregularities and defects in buildings are hard to detect with an untrained eye, but an inspector can spot and document them to help you decide if it would be wise to push through with the purchase. You will thank yourself and the inspector in the future when you have avoided costly repairs.

You Get Peace of Mind From Your Purchase

Peace of mind comes with avoiding risks and regrets that come after you made your home purchase. Those cracks, creaking noises, imbalanced indoor temperatures, and other problems that suddenly surface a few years from your purchase would have been prevented or avoided if you had hired an inspector. Also, most home purchase contracts are irrevocable or have hefty penalties if you decide to back out of your purchase at a later stage. It would have been avoided by the early detection and assessment you get from a home inspector. Do not mind the extra time and money you need to spend in hiring a home inspector. Saving yourself from the anxiety and stress of the “what ifs” that you think would have happened is priceless and worth the extra dollars you shell from your pocket.

Hiring an Inspector is not That Expensive

Some home buyers think of skipping home inspection or deem it unnecessary because of the added cost. Another misconception is that hiring a home inspector is expensive and that other preliminary inspections can cover the safety checks you need. When you do some research on the price range of home inspection charges, you will see that they vary according to the size of your home. You will need a few hundred dollars (around $300 to $550), depending on how small or large the house you will purchase. To help set your mind to accept the possible costs of a home purchase, you need to include the inspection cost in your calculations. After all, if you are willing to put in a significant amount of money into buying a house, a few extra dollars should not be that much of a problem. It is even money worth spending once you know the benefits you can get.

Project and Prepare for Future Expenses

Another great thing about including home inspection in your home pre-purchase measures is that you are given an idea of what expenses might come up in the future while you occupy your home. The inspector’s inputs are especially useful if you are buying a house with a previous owner. The inspector can assess the conditions of several key areas in a house and its utilities, such as the hot water tank, plumbing system, HVAC system, and electrical system. They will also inspect the integrity of walls and ceilings and evaluate the operational lifespan of windows, doors, and floors. The inspection findings that will be disclosed to you can give you valuable insights as to when you will need to repair, replace, or upgrade your electrical system, plumbing, windows, roofing, air conditioner, and other essential components of your home.

Some remarkable home inspectors will also give you maintenance tips that will help prolong the lifespan of your appliances, utilities, and home components. Summing these maintenance inputs and the projections from the inspection can help you prepare for the expenses that come with the wear and tear of essential utilities and objects in your home.

Detect Signs of Possible Insect and Pest Problems

While many of us may think that pest and insect problems are best handled by exterminators, they only come to our aid when the problem becomes apparent or has grown serious. With a home inspector doing a preliminary home survey, you have the opportunity to prevent pest and insect problems from getting worse. Animal or insect droppings can indicate that you may have unwelcome housemates and prompts the need to call exterminators. Small termite mounds, shelter tubes, or droppings indicate early stages of termite infestation and you will be alerted to take action to prevent it from growing into a costly structural disaster. Inspectors can also spot other wood-damaging insects such as powderpost beetles and carpenter ants and advise you to get rid of these insects before they cause extensive damage to your home. Rat or cockroach droppings indicate poor sanitation or damaged ventilation shafts, ductwork, or pipe. It could also mean that your wall interior seals are loose or damaged. With a home inspector’s help, you not only get rid of pests and insects but also reinforce your home and prevent them from coming back.


If you are among those homebuyers who are reluctant to hire a home inspector, these few compelling reasons might help change your mind. Home inspectors also help protect your financial interests by helping save on future costs or prepare for eventual maintenance. Make that smart choice of shelling out a few hundred dollars for inspection that can prevent thousand-dollar damages and repairs in the future.

BC Editorial Team


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