Practical Tips to Keep Your Home Wildlife-Free and Cozy

 August 27, 2023

By  Elle Gellrich

Although wildlife should be an expected part of urban and suburban environments, stumbling upon a raccoon in our garden or spotting a family of bats in the attic can leave many of us completely clueless about how to deal with the problem.

In many cases, homeowners rush to the nearest hardware store or garden center to buy traps or poisons to eliminate unwanted trespassers. Yet, this impulsive decision often leads to more problems, as using traps and poisons without proper knowledge can be ineffective and even harmful to animals and the people.

A more responsible approach to addressing unwelcome wildlife encounters involves calling specialized wildlife removal services like https://critterstop.com/safe-wildlife-removal/. Companies like Critter Stop are licensed to provide homeowners with the knowledge and help to manage these situations effectively and ethically. These professionals know how to evict freeloaders for good without endangering their lives or hurting the environment.

Why Does Wildlife Come to Our Property?

Like humans, wild animals seek shelter and a stable source of food and water, especially as the cold season approaches. They might see our home as an inviting place to stay warm and live through the winter. Learning how to stop them from getting in is crucial. So, let us consider the following questions to gain insights into why wildlife may fancy our property:

  • Are there accessible food sources on the property (e.g., uncovered trash cans or bowls with pet food left outdoors)?
  • Does the garden offer sources of water that wildlife might be compelled to use?
  • Are there any potential hiding spaces on the property, like openings in attics, crawl spaces, or household buildings?
  • Is there unruly vegetation that can provide shelter for wild animals?

We will know how to discourage wildlife from becoming unauthorized entrants on our property by addressing these questions.

How to Stop It from Coming?

Getting rid of critters on our land and in our house can be as simple as securing our trash or require substantial investments of effort and budget, like reshaping the property landscape to make it less friendly for the tiny intruders.

Here are a few more tips to try to keep our home wildlife-free this coming winter:

  1. Seal entry points: inspect the house for any openings that animals could use as access points and seal the gaps.
  2. Trim vegetation: Take care of the overgrown vegetation near the property to reduce potential hiding spots attracting wildlife.
  3. Eliminate food and water sources: Keep trash cans closed, avoid leaving pet food outdoors, and eliminate any sources of standing water in the yard that could draw wildlife.

Finally, installing fencing can act as an effective barrier depending on what wildlife prevails in the area.

Being Respectful of the Nature While Protecting Our Property

A balanced approach to the problem can guarantee a harmonious coexistence with wildlife. By addressing the factors that attract rodents, possums, skunks, raccoons, and others and taking responsible, ethical eviction measures, we can ensure both the safety of our homes and the well-being of these creatures. In cases where the situation gets out of hand, it is worth considering seeking the help of professional wildlife removal services like Critter Stop.

Elle Gellrich


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