Play Rotten, Hacksaw Gaming’s Best New Release in 2023

 January 11, 2023

By  Kyrie Mattos

Hacksaw Gaming is no stranger to online casinos’ highlights thanks to their slots with amazing qualities, making them stand out every month. They still managed to captivate the imagination even with themes some would argue as old, like a zombie apocalypse. Here’s Hacksaw Gaming’s refreshing take on the genre with Rotten, a riveting online casino game that makes you feel excited for the unsettling. 

Basic features

Rotten’s format is as simple as its single-word name in which there is a standard setup of 6 reels and 5 rows forming 35 paylines. Place similar symbols in one starting from the left-most column to the right and win equal to what’s offered at the game’s paytable. Card ranks pay low (10, J, Q, K, and A), while zombie heads pay high. 

Special features

The main reason to play Rotten isn’t the normal payouts, but its payout is as volatile as a virus outbreak. The payout can climb up to 10,000x with 96.27% return to player (RTP). Aim high for the game’s special features like the following:


The SwitchSpin feature is the game’s unique take on the free spin mode. You have to get at least one of its symbols (look like three special force soldiers) to trigger it. Once active, it randomly selects one of two symbols (high-paying zombie image or wild) to replace all of the randomly selected slots in the next spin. This guarantees a big payout every time you hit because it can easily form a six-of-a-kind in one try. 

Mad Scientist

The Mad Scientist feature is the standard take on free spins. All you need is three pieces of it to appear anywhere on the grid, and you get 10 free spins. On top of playing the game as normal for 10 times without costs, it also increases the possibility of landing a SwitchSpin. Thus, you can benefit from two features in one and reap all the benefits. 

Total Takeover

Total Takeover is fundamentally similar to Mad Scientists, in which you get 10 free spins if you get three of them anywhere on the grid. The main difference is you can keep winning this feature while any other bonus is active. If you land three Total Take over during a Mad Scientist run, then it plays immediately once the other one is over. If you get it during a Total Takeover spin, then you only get +4 in addition to your ongoing spins. This mode also has a higher chance of getting SwitchSpins one after the other.

Bonus Buy

If you want to play Rotten and get the big payouts instantly, then consider buying any of the three. The cheapest deal charges 3x the bet but has a high chance of triggering any of the three special features. If you want to get the Switch Spin, then it charges 20x, and it is the most volatile deal of them all. Mad Scientists has a more reliable payout, and it charges 110x. If you want to really push for the max wins of 10,000x, then Total Takeover is what you need for 250x your ante. 

Kyrie Mattos


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