Pet Rescue WordPress Theme: Create Animal Shelter With TemplateMonster

 August 30, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

Are you craving to make a website that shows the care people feel for animals? Creating a lovely website for your performance is vital if you want your business to succeed. Download the Pet Rescue WordPress Theme from our experts. Show your visitors your sincere joy in the fact that you are able to save, cure and return to a full life of animals, which are most often victims of human indifference, irresponsibility, and cruelty. In turn, we are happy when we find a new home, a loving family for the saved animals.

Who will benefit from the Pet Rescue WordPress Theme?

It is relevant for humane societies or shelters to promote dog adoptions. The layout block has been customized to look stunning in every place on the page. For what purposes are such assets used? Here are some activities associated with animals:

  • shops;
  • rescued animals adoption centers;
  • vets;
  • day-cares;
  • shelters;
  • registration;
  • inoculation;
  • chipping;
  • food stores;
  • clubs;
  • dog (puppy) training;
  • grooming services;
  • equestrian center.

Awareness of functionality gives you a better idea of creating a new project.

The Reasons You Need Pet Rescue WordPress Theme

The user-friendly template is easy to manage and maintain. Moreover, thanks to its high performance and convenience, you will have no problem scaling it to achieve new successes. Among the many reasons to get a ready-made solution, we list just a few of them:

  1. Push your homepage to a higher level because SEO optimization is best to promote.
  2. Powerful customization, appearance changes for editing the homepage.
  3. The drag-and-drop blocks are placed anywhere on the page. The perfect design focuses on content, and is perfectly suited for encouragement.
  4. The vast picture background for the homepage is very welcoming.
  5. You can also add your service’s slogan, buttons, links; let’s redirect new users to your desired page.

Notable Features of Pet Rescue WordPress Themes

The biggest plus is that there’s no need to know (write) to code, as simple drag-and-drop in Elementor solves the problem. That will give a head start on creating a site from scratch. Mockups contain a wonderful, attractive, original design ideal for a pet store, mini zoo city, hotel site. No need to be involved with the code or CSS. With the universal, clear main panel, shortcodes, special coding skills are unnecessary. Feel welcomed to reach the TemplateMonster excellent support team; they are willing to solve issues.

  1. When the screen resolution is changed, the elements are modified perfectly on each crucial point.
  2. Using Elementor Builder, customize colors, fonts, headers, footers, layout, columns, and other design components, including content, articles, images.
  3. This theme is quick-response and retina-compatible. It makes your pictures well-defined, clean.
  4. Buttons for identity social media.
  5. Google Maps comes fully inbuilt into the item.
  6. Megamenu, where you may place any other widgets that you desire.
  7. Viable parallax rolling mechanism for different sections.
  8. Its structure is founded on the Bootstrap technique for fast, simple website development.
  9. WPML. This application leads to new clients and raises profit as well.
  10. With an inbuilt advanced admin panel, you can feel free to enhance the look of settings, menu, smooth scrolling, personalized printing.
  11. Comes in significant formats such as links, quotes, galleries, videos. Let’s create mobile, tablet-optimized photo carousels to present with confidence your photographs.

You are able to satisfy the desire to expand the range of management tools such as online patient registration, emergency buttons, content related to general animal health problems. Pick from virtually unrestricted color schemes, baseline models to change your site according to your demands.

BC Editorial Team


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