Next US Presidential Election Candidates – All there Is to Know

 May 12, 2020

By  BC Editorial Team

The next American Presidential Elections are due in November 2020 and preparations for the big event have begun. While on one hand, voters of presidential campaign candidates are rooting for their voters’ support, on the other, the grey shadows of COVID-19 still loom over the United States’ economy.

As per the recent news, the selection of two major candidates for the 2020 election campaign has reached its final rounds. The Democratic Party has finally agreed upon Joe Biden as their major candidate by having Bernie Sanders and other Democratic rivals endorse Joe Biden for his presidential campaign against Donald Trump.

Since the list of final two presidential candidates has boiled down to Trump and Biden, it is good to know a bit about them. Additionally, a little knowledge about the basic requirements of being an American President is also included in the coming sections below.

What Do You Need To Be Eligible For the Presidential Candidacy?

According to the United States Constitution Article Two, in order to be eligible for the United States Presidency Campaign, a candidate must be

  1. Naturally born in America
  2. Must be at least 35 years of age
  3. And must have lived at least for 14 years in America

Additionally, the constitution also states that a person who has twice been elected American President in the past is no longer eligible for running the election candidacy campaign.

Parties Running Election Campaign 2020

There are a total of 5 major political parties alongside few others and independent candidates who are running for the Presidential Candidacy in 2020. These include the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, Libertarian Party, Green Party, Constitution Party, other third parties and independent candidates. All of these parties are contesting for 3 basic races; the House, Senate, and the Governors. A brief explanation of each of these parties is given below.

The Republican Party:

One of the largest and oldest political parties of America is the Republican Party. It was founded in 1854 and Abraham Lincoln was its first Presidential candidate who won the race. It is commonly referred to as the Grand Old Party (GOP) and has undergone many ideological changes since its inception. Currently, the Republican Party supports lower taxes, restrictions on abortion, gun rights, restrictions on labor unions and immigration, increased military spending, and free-market capitalism. The current Republican Party running for the Presidential candidacy is the incumbent president Donald J. Trump.

The Democratic Party

The second-largest United States political party is the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party was founded in 1828 and initially, it backed slavery, disapproved of banking institutions, and supported the limited government. Currently, the Democratic Party advocates the idea of a welfare state, environmental protection, educational and healthcare reforms, stricter gun laws, LGBT rights, marijuana rights, immigration reforms, and social and economic equality, etc. The major 2020 Democratic Party candidate is Joe Biden who is contesting for the presidency.

The Libertarian Party

The Libertarian Party was founded in 1971 by David Nolan as a response to problems such as the Vietnam War, the introduction of fiat money, and the Nixon administration. It is the third-largest political party of the United States of America and carries a fusion political policy derived from the two major parties.

Currently, the Libertarian Party supports ending the prohibition of illegal drugs, criminal justice reforms, same-sex marriage, gun rights, ending capital punishment, lowering taxes and decreasing national debt, etc. alongside others, Libertarian Party also holds the honor of casting votes for first woman Vice President in the 1972 United States elections.

Current Libertarian Party candidates include Jacob Hornberger, Vermin Supreme, Jo Jorgensen, Adam Kokesh, and Sam Robb, etc. it seems that the party has yet to decide on who will be the major Presidency candidate responsible for running the election campaign 2020.

The Green Party

The Green Party, as its name suggests, supports green politics. This basically means that it supports environment-friendly policies, gender equality, anti-war, anti-racism, non-violence, social justice, and ecosocialism, etc as its fundamental values. Some of the notable candidates of the Green Party include Howie Hawkins and Dario Hunter.

Other Parties & Independent Candidates

There are a number of smaller parties and independent candidates who also run the Presidential candidacy race.

Comparison of the Two Major Candidates

In this section, a brief comparison of two major presidential election campaign candidates from the two largest parties of The United States will be carried out. They are Donald J. Trump and Joe Biden.

Donald Trump is the current President of the United States of America and has served the four-year full term. He is also the 45th and oldest President of the United States without a military or government service background.

Trump comes from a business background and owned multimillion-dollar businesses before entering politics. He has had three wives and five children. Under Trump’s leadership, the United States economy fared better than the past until the COVID-19 pandemic crisis hit the world. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns that follow are bound to leave far-reaching detrimental effects on the United States’ economy.

During his four year term, Trump supported bilateral trade, imposed tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum, increased tariffs on goods imported from China, withdrew from Trans-Pacific Partnership, and cut the budget for research programs on renewable energy.

Overall, Trump did not support environmental-friendly policies but policies that would benefit the businessmen and production companies. In his personal life too, Trump considers exercise a waste of energy and has made multiple attempts to repeal and replace Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Other than these policies, Trump supports the ban on illegal immigration and is opposed to gun control.

In contrast to Trump, Joe Biden has held the office of the Vice President for a period of more than four years from 2009 to 2017. Biden is an experienced politician who knows how to handle the challenges posed by the current global crisis.

As opposed to Trump, Biden views climate change as a threat and has a soft corner for environment-friendly policies. Biden’s views about healthcare also differ starkly from that of most Republicans. He supports healthcare acts for the poor, protection of the children of immigrants, and transgender rights.


Political experts opine that President Trump’s second-time election-winning depends heavily on his handling of the COVID-19 crisis and its impact on the United States’ economy. Therefore, it is important for Joe Biden and his aides to draft a thorough set of strategies for combating the challenges that lie ahead in case people choose to vote for them.

BC Editorial Team


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