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Woman Miraculously Survives BART Suicide Attempt

Seven BART cars passed over her before she climbed back on the platform, covered in soot with "scrapes and bruises"

A middle-aged woman miraculously survived an apparent suicide attempt after she threw herself on the BART tracks at the Glen Park station in San Francisco.

BART spokesman Linton Johnson said that the woman lay flat on her back in between the rails while seven cars passed over her before she crawled out from under the train, covered in soot, but fully alive with some "scrapes and bruises."

Johnson said the incident is being investigated as a suicide attempt and the woman is recovering at San Francisco General Hospital.

On Monday, a woman committed suicide by throwing herself on the BART tracks in the Ashby station in Berkeley. 

Johnson said that the operator of a BART train headed to Daly City saw a person on the tracks as he entered the Glen Park Station just before 9:00 am this morning. He immediately pushed the stop button, Johnson said, stopping the train short with three cars of the ten-car train still in the tunnel.

Everyone assumed the worst. But after police arrived to investigate they found the woman sitting on the stairs, “covered in soot with her head in her hands.” Johnson said that she appeared to just have scrapes and bruises, but said doctors are now evaluating her at the hospital.

Johnson said that the train was going 35 miles per hour and operator did everything he could to stop, but said that operators “can’t stop the train on the dime.” Johnson said that people can survive if they lie under the lip on the side of the tracks or in between the tracks.

The incident caused BART delays this morning. While the station has been reopened, residual delays are expected. 

With two BART suicide attempts this week, Johnson said BART's message to people who are thinking about killing themselves is to "get help." Before this week, he said it was a long time since anyone tried kill him or herself on BART tracks. 

"Generally, the more [the media] talks about it, the more you see it," he said. 

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