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New App Tests Belief in Parking Gods

SF Park App could end the need for Parking Karma

The Parking Gods

Is there such a thing as Parking Karma? Do the Parking Gods really control your fate when you are trying to find a space for your car?

These theological questions could be put to the test by San Francisco's new parking app. At least that's what the director of a new video called "Parking Gods" claims.

The video, which features the local comedy troupe Killing My Lobster, tells the story of a young couple looking for parking in the Mission District.

The woman declares that she “always finds parking,” to which her terrified boyfriend replies, “Don’t jinx us…You’re going to anger the parking gods.” She tells him, "That's ridiculous."

Hope, disappointment, and anger follow as a pair of parking gods in the clouds humor themselves by filling seemingly empty spaces with other vehicles, fire hydrants, and a guy getting into his car– to retrieve a box of crackers.

The nightmare ends when the woman finally relents and declares that she believes in the parking gods. 

Damon Brennen, who made the video, said the wrath of San Francisco’s parking gods might be curbed by SFPark, which promises to make spaces available on every block by changing the meter prices periodically.

Prices will jump as high as $6 an hour at blocks that are in demand. The city claims the new program will make it easier to find parking. Drivers can find out about the prices and the availability of spaces on an iPhone app.  (see full story here)

“I guess you can buy redemption from the parking gods,” quipped Mr. Brennen in an interview this week.

Brennen said he was inspired to make the video after his own parking mishaps. He said that on occasion he’s driven around for the better part of an hour looking for parking.

"The times you think ‘Finally I’ve found a place!,’ and it’s somebody just getting something from the car . . . Those are the times when you think ‘Someone’s messing with me,” Brennen said.

Jay Primus who runs SFPark said he’s seen the Parking Gods video. But he humbly demurred when asked if he could be described as the parking world’s own Nietzche, who famously wrote “God is dead.”

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The Bay Citizen thanks our sponsors