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Coroner IDs Man Shot By BART Police

Charles Hill, 45, had no fixed address

Updated 4:40 p.m., July 7, 2011.

The San Francisco Medical Examiner has identified the knife-wielding man who was shot and killed Sunday night by BART police officers.

His name is Charles Hill, he is 45 years old, and he has no fixed address, said Felipe Fernandez, an investigator in the office. Fernandez declined to release any further information. The cause of death, believed to be three shots from the gun of a BART police officer, is still under investigation.

A spokesman for the medical examiner, Richard Vetterli, said that Hill was identified because his fingerprints were in a database, though he wouldn’t say which one. He said the office found Hill’s family Thursday, but he wouldn’t say where they lived.

Hill was shot and killed Sunday evening on the platform of Civic Center BART station. BART Deputy Police Chief Daniel Hartwig said at a news conference Tuesday that the officers confronted “an aggressive suspect who was holding a bottle and a knife.” BART Police received calls about a "wobbly drunk" and when they arrived, the confrontation lasted just one minute, BART has said.

Few details about what led up to the shooting in that minute have been released as both BART and the San Francisco Police Department continue investigate the incident.

A witness to the shooting told The Bay Citizen Wednesday that Hill was moving slowly toward the two officers who had their guns drawn. Myleen Hollero said that Hill was “definitely” not “running or lunging” at the officers when three shots were fired, killing Hill.

Hollero said Hill was wearing a green tie-dye tee-shirt and was balding with long white hair. "He just looked like a drunk hippie," she said.

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