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Insider Trading Suspect's Sexy Sideline

Charged in SEC probe, Pac Heights socialite Annabel McClellan's sexually explicit website and mobile app draws notice

Updated with Editor's Note at 3:48 p.m.

Pacific Heights socialite Annabel McClellan had a very eventful November.

On Nov. 30, she was charged in a criminal case related to Securities and Exchange Commission civil charges that same day. She and her husband, Arnold McClellan, are accused of participating in an elaborate international insider-trading ring. Through their separate attorneys, they maintain their innocence.

Arnold was a mergers and acquisitions tax partner at Deloitte Tax LLC in San Francisco, advising top-drawer clients like McKesson and Hellman & Friedman. (The latter firm was co-founded by Warren Hellman, major funder of The Bay Citizen and chairman of its board). The SEC charged that the couple fed news of pending deals to British-born Annabel McClellan’s sister and brother-in-law in London, who executed trades based on the information. The SEC court documents say that the scheme netted about $23 million.

But for much of November, 38-year-old Annabel was busy launching a website and mobile app that she and her friend Milly Hanley spent a year developing. The nature of the new venture seems somewhat at odds with her role as a Pacific Heights stay-at-home mother, active on the charity circuit.

Her website, called "My Nookie," previews a yet-to-be-released mobile app.

The “about” tab for McClellan’s website details a vision for a new kind of social networking site:

My Nookie

Friends love to talk about sex and My Nookie is the app your sex life and social life can’t be without. Journal and rate your partners and sexual encounters. Share sexperiences with your closest friends, take sexting to the next level and relive your rendezvous with those five star partners.

Fun and tasteful with activity illustrations, My Nookie is fully loaded with features to flirt, play, tease and share. Feeling adventurous? Shake your phone and dare to try something new. Keep it handy on your iPhone because you never know …..


• Detailed diary of your sexual activities with date, partner, location, ratings and notes

• Partner contacts with profile, including photo, rating, activities performed, notes and tally

• Sex activity illustrations and descriptions, with the option to add your own

• ‘Shake It’ feature which suggests an activity to try

• Personal profile with ‘nookie’ summary

• Share all or some of your entries, partners, and profile

• Send a sexy invite to a partner or potential partner with alluring pictures

• Email, text or call your partners right from the app

What happens in My Nookie stays in My Nookie with optional pass code lock and discreet mode.

Annabel McClellan’s arrest and the couple’s insider-trading charges are “the talk of the town right now,” a longtime acquaintance of the couple said the day the news broke.

Last December, 7x7, a local glossy magazine, spotlighted a benefit that Annabel McClellan, Milly Hanley and another woman, Jeannette Harris, hosted at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts to benefit the Edgewood Center for Children and Families. She also appeared as a contributor to the 2008 Leadership Luncheon of Summer Search, a local educational charity.

The McClellans, who live in a 6,000 square-foot Pacific Heights house, send their children to perhaps the most-traditional and buttoned-down private school in town. Annabel McClellan served on the executive committee of the school’s parent association and co-chaired one of its fundraising projects. Among the 211 “Friends” on Annabel McClellan’s Facebook page are one of San Francisco’s leading pediatricians and various names from local society party-photo pages. Some list “My Nookie” among their “Likes” on their Facebook pages.

Chris Kearney, Arnold McClellan’s attorney, e-mailed that “Mr. McClellan is not involved with this venture.” Annabel McClellan’s attorney, Nanci Clarence, says that My Nookie is “totally unrelated” to the case in which she represents Annabel McClellan, and referred questions to Milly Hanley.

Hanley, a self-described “simple housewife” who says she cannot recall when or how she met Annabel McClellan, said that the venture is an equal partnership, but that Hanley has “taken over” in the last few days in light of the McClellans' legal troubles.

When asked how the idea for "My Nookie" came about, Hanley said that “We are housewives, our kids are older now. We were looking for something to do.”

“We decided [My Nookie was] the one that floated the best,” Hanley said. “We brainstormed what type of product it could be, where to take it.”

Examples of the real-world usage of the My Nookie app are detailed on a website slide show. Users can rate their sexual partners with a star system, choose from an extensive menu of animated sexual poses to illustrate what was involved in the encounter, and then forward the news to friends with comments.

Another touted function is the ability to send a prospective partner one of the animated images of a particular activity. The suggested message: “A My Nookie message: What I want to try with you!”

Still another example of the apps’ functionality is a pictorial diary. A sample sort of trading card for “Chris S” features a picture, a star rating (five stars in this case), a notation “Backseat of the Car,” an image gallery of various activities, and a personal notation: “Never imagined a ride home would lead to this. Hope he calls me!”

Though the MyNookieapp.com website (the domain-name registration lists Annabel McClellan and the McClellan’s home address in the ownership information) launched a couple of weeks ago, the full-function app is listed on the site as “Available Soon On The App Store.”

It is unclear how imminent the actual release of Annabel McClellan’s MyNookie iPhone app might be. Apple has fairly strict restrictions barring pornographic content from its app store. An Apple spokeswoman would not comment about My Nookie, other than note that it is not currently available for sale in the App Store. Droid is regarded as more permissive, though Google guidelines over permissible apps reads: “Sexually Explicit Material: We don't allow content that contains nudity, graphic sex acts, or sexually explicit material.”

It may be that McClellan and her partner have developed the equivalent of goose-liver pate for distribution in vegan grocery stores.

Editor's Note: As our story was published, the website MyNookieapp.com was taken down. MyNookie's Facebook page appears to have been dismantled, as well. Screen shots taken from MyNookie this morning appear in the slideshow accompanying our story.

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