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Bike Lanes Disappear Overnight

Dangerous shared lanes in middle of Sutter and Post were a hazard to cyclists and motorists

Bike lanes tend to be added in San Francisco with lots of fanfare. Removing them, not so much.

The San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency quietly removed (erased, actually) the so-called “sharrow” lanes on Sutter and Post Streets downtown. The lanes are designated to be shared by both cyclists and automobiles.

The removal was first reported by Streetsblog.

Removing the lanes fulfills a promise made by the SFMTA in an article published by The Bay Citizen in January. The Citizen reported that cyclists were avoiding the lanes because the SFMTA had placed them in the middle of three lanes, surrounded by fast moving traffic on all sides.

Cyclists who tried to use the sharrow lanes found themselves tailgated by frustrated drivers. In a video produced for the story, veteran cyclist Joshua Citrak was nearly hit by traffic.

The SFMTA had originally said that it was required put the bike lanes in the middle of the streets, since the far right lane is for transit buses and taxis only. Streetsblog reported that it’s still waiting for clarification from the SFMTA on what, if anything, will replace the ill-fated sharrows for cyclists.


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The Bay Citizen thanks our sponsors