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Hacktivists Hit BART Websites

MyBART.org hacked, revealing riders' e-mail addresses and phone numbers

Updated 8/14/11, 9:03 p.m.

BART is facing online attacks Sunday from the "hacktivist" group Anonymous in retaliation for BART's decision to shut down cell phone service to thwart a protest last week.  

Just half an hour into what the group calls #OpBART, the site MyBART.org appeared to be hacked as the group posted their own banner with a link to the Anonymous Twitter feed on the BART website. The main BART website appeared to be operating normally.

Anonymous also posted MyBART.org users' names, emails and passwords that it harvested from the site. 

"Thus below we are releasing the User Info Database of MyBart.gov, to show that BART doesn't give a shit about it's customers and riders and to show that the people will not allow you to kill us and censor us," the group said in a statement.

"We're disappointed that they're attacking sites that directly affect customers who depend on them," said Jim Allison, BART spokesman.

Allison said that BART is trying to notify people affected by the data breach -- and take down the data that was posted on the Internet. Allison said that the BART tech team would be taking down the myBART.org website. On Sunday night, the only message on the site said it "is currently under renovation."

According to a statement posted on BART's main website, "an unauthorized person has obtained contact information from at least 2,400" of myBART.org's 55,000 members. The statement also advised people who think their personal information may have been compromised "to remain vigilant, to review your account statements and to monitor your credit reports."

Allison said that he didn't know of any other digital damage caused by the hackers. He said that the main BART website and the computers that run the trains are all separate from the site that was hacked.

Anonymous has also called for a peaceful protest on Monday at 5 p.m. at Civic Center BART Station.

Using the name #opBART on Twitter, the group has encouraged others to bombard BART’s fax machines, emails and phone lines -- and file complaints with the Federal Communications Commission.

It appears the group also hacked into www.californiaavoid.org, a website for an anti-drunk driving program run by California's Office of Traffic Safety. The site encourages law enforcement agencies in counties throughout the state to participate in the program.

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