My Review of The Thrive Derma-Fusion Technology

 September 30, 2022

By  BC Editorial Team

I’ve been a health and wellness coach for several years now, and I’ve seen different people with different backgrounds and predispositions try different approaches to getting their health in check. From vegan to keto, intermittent fasting to volumetric diets, low-impact exercise to high-intensity CrossFit, it all comes down to the same issue: People are dissatisfied with traditional approaches to health improvement and want to find something new.

And new is exactly what they get with the Thrive DFT.

Thrive DFT is a bold, unique approach to nutrition supplementation and weight management that has generated a lot of interest in health and wellness circles. But you don’t have to look further than the terrifying dangers of the cotton ball diet to see that interest and trendiness don’t necessarily translate into improved health. That’s why when one of my clients came to me asking about the Thrive DFT, I decided to do some research on my own. And this is what I found out:

What Is DFT?

Let’s start with a definition and an explanation: The Thrive DFT — sometimes erroneously called the “Thrive Patch” — is a product produced by Le-Vel. This small, adhesive foam plaster is about the size of a Triscuit cracker and is designed to be worn on the skin for approximately 24 hours before being replaced. According to Le-Vel’s website, “The DFT delivery system is designed to infuse the derma (skin) with Le-Vel’s unique, premium grade THRIVE Lifestyle formula.”

So why is it wrong to call it a patch? Because DFT stands for Derma Fusion Technology and is a different approach that applies a unique, patented delivery system, setting it apart from the basic nicotine or scopolamine transdermal patches that have been around for decades. So, it’s not a “Thrive Patch.” It’s the Thrive DFT.

As for the DFT itself, it’s part of the Thrive Experience — the three-step flagship product that has recently helped Le-Vel become a household name and a significant player within the health & wellness industry. DFT operates alongside a daily regimen of Thrive nutrition shakes and capsules (available in specific formulas for men and women). According to the directions, you take the Thrive Lifestyle capsules first thing in the morning with a full glass of water, drink a Thrive shake about 30 minutes later, and then apply the Thrive DFT to a clean, dry, lean patch of skin. And then you go about your day.

Of course, it’s not quite so simplistic. The Thrive Experience is further supported by personalized fitness goals, which you’re expected to pursue and prioritize in addition to your daily three-step plan. This is something that I (as a wellness coach) can undoubtedly appreciate. Exercise is essential to any health-improvement solution, and it’s nice to see Le-Vel hasn’t left it out.

What Does DFT Do?

There are a lot of people online who are passionate about the Thrive Experience. That’s great; it suggests that there’s some real value to the approach. Unfortunately, it can also make it difficult to see through the enthusiasm to find out what DFT actually does.

Well, it turns out that the DFT is designed to function as a kind of nutritional supplement, working with the other Thrive products to help optimize the user’s daily nutrient intake. The idea is this: Most modern diets are functionally incomplete — a fact that I can attest to and one that I’m constantly trying to help my clients address in their own lives. Thrive DFT (along with the other two steps) is designed to fill those nutritional gaps by providing a formula of more than a hundred bioavailable vitamins, nutrients, amino acids, enzymes, probiotics, and natural plant extracts.

Putting the right kind of nutrition in your body (and limiting or excluding the wrong kind of nutrition) can significantly affect your health. In fact, every bodily system and function is directly impacted by your approach to nutrition. Without the right kinds of fuel and usable nutrients, these systems and functions either slow, stop, or perform below optimal levels. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why the Thrive site lists so many potential benefits associated with Thrive DFT:

  • Weight management
  • Appetite management support
  • Nutritional support
  • Overall health improvement

In other words, think of all the areas of your life that could be improved by eating the right foods, and you’ll have some of the possible benefits of Thrive DFT. That list covers quite a range and could be a big order to fill, but before I get into the final portion of my review where I try DFT for myself, let’s step back a second and review some of those ingredients — as well as any side effects they might carry along with them.

What Kinds of Ingredients Are in Thrive DFT?

Taking a close look a the ingredients, I saw a number of natural substances such as green coffee bean extract and Garcinia Cambogia for energy, white willow bark for its anti-inflammatory properties, Cosmoperine to help aid in micronutrient delivery and absorption, and ForsLean to help promote fat-burning metabolic processes. What I did not see (much to my relief) were a bunch of synthetic chemicals and do-nothing filler ingredients. From the looks of it, the DFT ingredient list is deliberate and potent without being potentially harmful.

Are There any Side Effects to Using Thrive DFT?

This one is a little harder to pin down — not because there are any red flags in the ingredient list (there aren’t, as far as I’m concerned), but because everyone has a different chemical makeup. Asking if DFT has any side effects is kind of like asking if there are any side effects to eating sesame seeds; the answer is no… unless you’re allergic to sesame seeds.

It’s conceivable that a Thrive user with a preexisting allergy to one or more of the ingredients may experience a negative reaction. The same could probably be said for users with extreme caffeine sensitivity (because of the green coffee bean extract) or exceptionally sensitive skin (because of the adhesive). In any case, it’s always a good idea to check with a trusted healthcare provider before you make any major changes to your dietary lifestyle; they should be able to give you more individualized insight into any possible dangers.

But those rare cases aside, the Thrive DFT is virtually side-effect free. When used as directed, you shouldn’t have to worry about any unexpected problems tripping up your health-improvement journey.

Thrive DFT: My Review

In my research of the Thrive DFT, I checked up on the ingredients, read personal accounts, took a close look at the product, and applied my own experience and education to get a clearer idea of what a user might expect before they decide to commit. But honestly, health and wellness can be difficult to fully assess from behind a pane of glass (or through a computer screen); I needed some first-hand experience. So I gave it a try.

Going through a former work associate of mine who was operating as an independent Thrive promoter, I ordered my first batch of the Thrive Experience. And with the dedication of someone who knows that what they’re doing is for science, I got started.

And I can tell you this: It made a difference.

I’m not here to share some radical weight loss transformation or talk about how Thrive completely turned my life around — I was already in decent health when I got started, and I’ve been a fitness buff for years as part of my profession.

I will tell you that there were aspects of my health that I wasn’t even aware were starting to bring me down. The early-afternoon crash. The difficulty concentrating for long periods of time. The irritability I would sometimes misdirect to my spouse and kids. I had never really thought of those issues as anything other than the realities of life and growing older. But after about two weeks of using the Thrive DFT in conjunction with the rest of the Thrive Experience, I noticed a major change for the better.

Does this mean that Thrive DFT is right for you? I couldn’t say. As a health and wellness coach, I now make sure that my clients know about Le-Vel Thrive and are aware of their options when it comes to shoring up those problematic nutrition gaps. As for myself, I’m going to keep sporting my DFT and enjoying the benefits of quality supplementation in every aspect of my life.

After all, there’s much more to Thrive DFT than slapping on a sticker. But if you stick with it, you may just have found a new and effective approach to a healthier, happier you.

BC Editorial Team


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