Most Common Bingo Rewards 

 September 21, 2020

By  BC Editorial Team

Bingo origins date back all the way to the year 1530 and the modern game is linked to an Italian lottery that was introduced to Italian society during that time period. Before bingo landed on the shores of the UK in the 18th century, it first hit France where it underwent some modifications to its format. These changes were embraced by the UK and set the basis for the lottery games that are played in bingo venues across the country and at hundreds of online bingo sites that are now available to punters 24/7.

Modern Bingo

Bingo has had to move with the times in order to survive and remain popular with the gambling public. Before online gambling was invented, bingo was stuck in a rut and it had an image that it could not shake. The stereotypical view of bingo was that of a game that only appealed to the elderly and was played in sedate retirement homes and lifeless bingo halls. This image is still popular, however the reality today is different because bingo is now played by many young people and the environment in which they play bingo, has changed dramatically in recent years too.

Firstly, there are the vibrant bingo sites that attract thousands of bingo players everyday. The prizes up for grabs are mostly cash ones and some of the jackpots are huge, thanks to linked games that are connected across all the sites that are owned by large bingo brands. All forms of the game are available online including some new ones tailored specially for virtual cliental. Online bingo is popular because you can purchase tickets with a click of a computer key and the caller is computerized and so is the validation of the winning tickets, which means errors are rare.

Playing bingo online still remains the most popular way to indulge in some bingo action. Bingo halls have reacted to this by transforming themselves into bar/nightclub bingo venues with a variety of prizes up for grabs. Cash is still king, but other rewards that are becoming common include holidays and hampers.

Cash Rewards

Progressive bingo jackpots are still the prizes all bingo players crave, as these can literally change your life. They are difficult to win but so are any progressive jackpots. Other common rewards online include free bingo at regular intervals and free bingo tickets upon joining a bingo site. In land-based establishments the prize pool for bingo is made up from the money amassed from bingo ticket sales. This can vary greatly depending on the size and popularity of the bingo hall.

Final Thoughts

The basics of bingo have not changed but the image of the game has been modernized greatly. Obviously online bingo contributed to this image change and this has forced many changes to land-based casino halls. Cash is still king when it comes to bingo rewards, but other prizes such as new cars are now making an appearance too and will probably become common place in the near future.

BC Editorial Team


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