How To Make Passport Application Post Office Easily 

 June 30, 2020

By  Vada Shelby

Hello readers! Do you know there is more than one way to apply for a new passport and also renewal for the existing one? Well, I am here to tell you about those ways. The one basic method to apply for a passport is by the Bureau of Consular Affairs.

You can also apply for any service related to the passport by visiting the Passport office near you. You will need to follow a specific process to apply there. The Bureau of Consular affairs controls all the rules and regulations related to immigration. Application of passport is for the purpose of immigration so the Bureau handles it.

The bureau office might or might not be reachable to you. In case your area doesn’t have a bureau office you will have to travel far to get your passport. Instead, there is another alternative available for the application of a passport. This alternative can be accessible to you easily.

Passport Application Post Office:

You can now apply for a passport at the Passport Application Post Office. If you are wondering what a Passport Application Post office is, do not worry this article explains it all. Now the United States Postal Service has permission to provide passport services to the citizens. You can choose various services related to the passport at the USPS.

USPS allows issuing for a new passport and renewal for an old one. It also provides urgent passport issuance services. But there is a limitation; not all the USPS offices issue a passport. There are only some specific Unites States Postal Service Post offices that provide passport service. You have to look up for the office near your area.

All of the following services are available at a Passport Application Post office or a USPS Post office:

  • Issue a new passport
  • Renew old passport
  • Urgent passport issuance
  • Mail passport renewal
  • Minor’s passport issuance

First Time Application For a Passport:

If you are someone who has no prior passport and has never applied for one; don’t worry as this article will guide you through it. The first thing you need to keep in mind is that apply for passport 2 or 3 months prior to the trip. Passport issuance is a quite tedious process and needs more time. So, make sure you have enough time to get a passport.

First of all, you need to gather all the documents mentioned for the application. You will need an application form for the US passport to register yourself. Another thing that you need is an identity proof and make sure you keep it handy. Get multiple photos of yourself. The photos must be passport size pictures, obviously, as you are applying for a passport.

You need a document proving your citizenship. Only if you have the citizenship proof, you can get a US passport. You will have to pay a basic fee for the passport application. You yourself have to go to apply for your passport. No proxy is entertained for passport applications. To ensure your identity, the passport officer will take your signature on the spot in his presence. Do not sign before as that will not be accepted.

Passport Renewal:

You can apply for the renewal of a passport without being present. It is possible to get the passport renewed without going to the office in person. Just mail all your documents, the application form with your details filled, and the old passport.

If your validity of the passport has expired, you can apply for a new one through the mail. You can use the official website of USPS to know more about passport renewal and the documents and steps involved.

Urgent Passport:

If you need a passport urgently for any reason and have not applied for a passport before, you can get it. You just have to submit your application for a passport at the Passport Office. You can get your passport in 2 or 3 weeks approximately on an urgent basis.

The price for the post office service and the delivery service for passport both are high. Also, comparing to the general application of a passport, the urgent method involves double price.

Minor Passport:

The children under the age of 16 are minors. You can also apply for a minor’s passport. Its validity will be 5 years that is half than the adult passport validity. Only parents can apply for their child’s minor passport. They will need relationship proof to verify their identity. Citizenship proof is mandatory for children also in this case.

Fee Involved in Passport Application:

Those who are applying for the first time, there are 2 types of fees for you. One is the application acceptance fees and the other is the application processing fees.

  • The application acceptance fee includes a post office charge of $35, a photo charge (optional) of $15, an urgent passport charge of $60, and a delivery charge of $16.5.
  • The application processing fee is the fee charged by the government for the issuance of a passport. This charge is independent of USPS.

Status of Application:

You can check the status of your application after 12 to 15 days. This service is provided by USPS if the passport is issued by USPS.

There is a fixed timing of the passport office. You have to apply for your service at that timing only. For any query, you can call or email them. This article explains all aspects of the passport application and its process.

Vada Shelby


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