Is Trump Administration Suffering From Moral And Economic Recession Both At The Same Time?

 June 14, 2020

By  BC Editorial Team

President Trump is under heavy criticism for his selfish response to all the crises of 2020. Not only was his response selfish but laced with rudeness and morally deficient. Political think-tanks and economic experts, both have been debating over the President’s ongoing policies of misconduct and hypocrisy in dealing with matters of grave concern. Let’s take a closer look at what is really going on in the backdrop under Trump’s leadership.

The Moral Recession

When President Trump swore into power in 2016, it was obvious that not many political experts saw him as the ideal choice. Many of them believed that through their constitutional rights, they would be able to restrain the President from making devastating decisions and make sure he doesn’t cross the line.

However, when the results started coming in for the United States economy and jobs market saw a surge in demand, people became happy. They forgot everything that was wrong in electing Trump as the President and carried on with their lives until 2020 happened.

At first, the COVID-19 hit, then the economy went bad and then the violence against the Black community escalated. All of this opened the eyes of an average income earning American voter to the deep-rooted problems they had begun overseeing.

To elect a man this level-biased and prejudiced is a crime against humanity. Yet the President still has a lot of support from American whites, of course. Those who support the President and his aides clearly vouch for his racist, sexist, and divisive stances. They believe that there is nothing wrong in favoring the rich and penalizing the poor for being economically underprivileged.

They also believe that cutting access to public health care services and such other reforms is a good way of reminding the poor that America has no place for people burdening its economy. Sadly, they also believe that America belongs to whites only. Any other non-white community be it Blacks, Browns, immigrants, non-native Americans, etc. have no right over America or its judicial system.

Trump believes that it is okay to make these people feel unwelcomed and unwanted so that they can ‘fix’ this problem for themselves by migrating somewhere else maybe. Disappointingly enough, Trump’s supporters back him in this stance too.

The recent events of violence against the Black Community clearly show how intolerant a faction of American society is based on skin colors towards others. And the way these murders are being dealt with also reveals how adamant of minorities’ pain and inclusive of People of Color (POC) the Trump administration is.

All of these events point to one big problem: America is facing a moral recession under Trump’s administration and there is no denying this fact. All people who support Trump Administration and its decisions are also enabling hate and discrimination.

But wait! Moral recession isn’t the only problem Americans are facing right now. Their economy hasn’t been doing fine either.

The Economic Recession

According to news agencies such as CNN, the American economy is already under recession. It will take a while for it to bounce back and get back to its normal health. This is due to the lockdown imposed during the COVID-19 days. This lockdown is predicted to continue for the rest of 2020 since medical health experts are anticipating a second wave of coronavirus to hit the US by November 2020.

This also means that restricted economic activity will put further restraints on the US economy unless the President decides to ease the lockdown. Even if he decides to do so, he would be endangering the lives of many Americans.

Already Americans have lost more than 60,000 people to this deadly virus. Since this is an end of the road kind of situation with really no other way out, a short recession can be expected to commence and last until the first half of 2021.

With these predicted statistics at hand and the current unrest going on across the country, one can only imagine how Americans will cope with post-destruction economic updates. All of this violence and destruction has caused the stock market to drop down to historic levels, which is not a good indicator of the health of the economy and investors’ trust.

How Bad Can It Get?

If you ask any political expert with an ounce of humanity left in him, the American people and economy are in pretty bad shape. The humanitarian crisis paired with the bad economy does not paint a very promising picture of what the future holds, especially if Trump is reelected.

Ironically, many people in the Republican Party are themselves critical of Trump and his dealings of State affairs. They often voice their concerns and shun the President’s stances overall issues including the foreign policy.

What, then, is the solution to this moral epidemic which might take longer than coronavirus to settle down? The answer lies in the human decency and moral responsibility of an average American voter.

Is There Any Way Out?

The only way out of this recession is to make the right choice. The pending elections are being held in various States and it is the responsibility of an average American voter to play their part. American people must initiate the process of change and many other Americans’ fates keep suffering from this economic and moral recession duo.


This is the year 2020 and America is being ruled by a group of white supremacists who have a very insensitive approach towards the underprivileged sections of American society. Living in America in 2020 still feels like the 1600s, doesn’t it? Sadly, this is the current reality.

The only way to overcome the economic and moral crises faced by American people today is them rising above their racial, sexist, and other dividing norms. They must speak up in favor of each other and also in favor of the poor and refrain from electing people like Trump.


BC Editorial Team


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