Is Leadership Crisis America’s New Reality?

 June 7, 2020

By  BC Editorial Team

2020 has been quite a tough year for the Americans. There has been a series of unpredictable events that spiraled out of control quickly. These include the onset of COVID-19, the resulting economic crisis, racism, and riots. Every single time, a calamity made its way to the United States, the American people looked up to their President for leading them out of it empathetically. Yet, all their hopes fell flat every single time.

It seems that the current government and elected President might be very good at issuing irrational statements on Twitter. However, when it came down to dealing with ground realities, they failed miserable time and again.

What is the Leadership Crisis?

Leadership crisis is a term that highlights the absence of an individual or a system that can lead people through dark and challenging times also known as a ‘crisis’. If we observe and analyze the way Trump administration has handled 2020 and the challenges that came with it, there is no denying the fact that the United States of America is facing an extreme leadership crisis.

How Can You Say America’s Facing A Leadership Crisis?

When the COVID-19 took its toll in February and thousands of Americans suffered at the hands of it, people were watching President Trump’s response. They were waiting for their President to empathize and take proactive measures to stop the spread of the virus. Instead, they saw the President getting angry at health workers and medical bodies offering him mitigation plans.

When the economic crisis started settling in, Americans looked up to their President once again for a solution that would help them continue to make a living while hearing some positive words of humanity. What they got instead was a series of the tax increase for the poor, cuts in public health and safety programs, and some cold exchange of words with China for sending the ‘Chinese virus’.

In this recent incident of George Floyd’s death, people were waiting for the President to empathize with the Black community. They expected the President would help in punishing the murderers of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd himself. What they saw instead was a threat of using military force while beating up protesters using baton charges for protesting outside the White House. Ironically, they also saw the President getting clicked with a Bible in his hand.

All of these incidents called for a compassionate leader who would unify and inspire American people during the most painful times when they needed it the most. However, what they got in return was not what they expected.

For the current incumbent President, everything seems like a business deal. Given his successful business background, a good exchange of favors that would help him get rich probably is all that matters to him. However, the truth is not all real-life situations have to be dealt with like a deal. Sometimes, you have to step forward as a ‘leader’ and see past what you get in return to serve the people unconditionally.

What Is The Solution To America’s Leadership Crisis?

The solutions to the current leadership crisis in America are simple. It can be either of the two options:

  1. People of America can use their voting rights to elect a new and more empathetic individual to lead them through these unprecedented times.
  2. Americans could put pressure on Trump and his administration unless it takes the humanitarian steps which these situations have called for.

Qualities Of A Good Leader

Since the current Presidential term is coming to an end and the election is due November 3rd, there are a few things Americans need to watch out for in their next elected President. If Americans make sure that they vote for the person who possesses the qualities listed below, they will never have to face a leadership crisis again, not for the next 5 years at least.

1. Someone Who Has The Ability To Lead

American voters need to understand that the person they elect must not only conform to their social and moral values but must also be able to lead the country. This person must be able to help people remain calm, collected, and unite them through his wisdom in challenging times.

In times like the current, people of America need a face that puts their rage to peace, someone who can help them remember their similarities rather than igniting their differences. They need someone who can represent all Americans regardless of their skin color, race, ethnic background, country of origin, etc.

Therefore, as responsible voters, the next President Americans choose must be able to stand up to the demands of leadership and take full responsibility for the people of America as a whole. This person must be able to represent all Americans including the people of color and be accountable for any undesirable incident that takes place during their term.

2. Someone Who Is Proactive

The second quality American voters must look for in their next leader is proactiveness. Unlike the current President who rarely listens to teams warning him about potential dangers, the next American president must be able to anticipate problems proactively and nip them in the bud. Even if a problem cannot be eliminated from the core, at least the next person in the position of power must be able to follow through a mitigation plan which can help contain it.

3. Someone Who Embraces All Skin Colors, Nationalities And Immigrants Living In America

American people must take full responsibility for electing a person who is more inclusive and less divisive of the minorities. Since day 1, President Trump has been calling out minorities and taking extreme measures against their interests.

If the American nation wants to live in peace for the next years to come, it must elect a person who is not biased against any section of American society.

4. Someone Who Can Respond To Crisis Efficiently

The last set of qualities to look for in the next President includes open-mindedness, agreeing to disagree, adaptability, and having an efficient team.  As responsible American voters, vote for the person who is able to lead through times of crisis efficiently and empathetically. A good leader is able to accept suggestions with an open mind and does not find offense in disagreement.

Additionally, good leaders do not personalize the causes of undesired events and problems. In fact, they dissociate themselves from the trouble makers and renounce the wrongdoers. They have eyes for the facts and deliver their people even amidst the toughest times.


To overcome the current leadership crisis, it is important that Americans realize part of the responsibility falls on their shoulders too. It requires them to make better and wiser choices when it comes down to electing a new President and his team. So that the future generations can benefit from the fruits of a more humble, kind, empathetic, proactive, qualified, tactical, compassionate, and humane leadership.

BC Editorial Team


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