Saturday, August 15, 2020

Is Joe Biden Having Tough Time In Campaigning During This Crisis? Probably Not!

While the United States government and its citizens have been facing multiple crises since 2020 begun, Democrats have had a not-so-hard time bonding with the people. President Trump’s delayed and careless responses to tough situations have left a huge empty space in the lives of American people and given the Democrats to leave their mark.

What America needs right now is someone who is capable to lead and perform under tough situations. Biden is clearly taking advantage of all of the mistakes Trump has made. Let’s take a closer look at what Joe Biden’s been up to all this time while America and Trump both have been battling the humanitarian crisis.

Joe Biden’s Campaign

If we closely examine Joe Biden’s moves since 2020 begun, they all show traits of patience and perseverance. Biden has been very patient in winning the favors of people inside his party, media, and support from the Americans. His campaign during the various crises can be classified under various heads:

The Decision To Take His Campaign To Digital Platforms

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Joe Biden has been taking his Presidential campaign to digital platforms. He has been partnering with influencers and holding virtual bonding sessions to win over America’s hearts.

Unlike President Trump, who not only ignored the spread of pandemic but also showed little or no regard for the COVID-19 protocols, Joe Biden is positioning himself as someone who will do whatever it takes to advance the interest of American nation. Even if putting Americans first requires him to keep himself out of the limelight for a while, he will happily do so.

This is quite a wise move from Biden’s side. It reflects how wisely is Biden is dealing with the pandemic himself and how willing he is to not endanger the lives of his supporters just for his Presidential campaign. This is exactly what Americans want to see in their President right now, a caring face, and a willing hand ready to sacrifice personal gains.

The Subtle Response to George Floyd’s Murder

According to political experts, normally Biden would have not only visited Minneapolis himself but would have also held public gatherings to address the problems related to race. He would have gathered people around him and bonded with them over the issue in a mini heart-to-heart session. However, given the COVID-19 pandemic spread, he is refraining from rigorously holding physical campaigns.

Instead, he is making quite subtle moves. He issued statements for and against the matters of concern and has obtained permission for visiting a George Floyd memorial in the future. Whether Joe Biden goes to his memorial or not, he made a wise move in asking for permission to attend.

Now people of America and the Black community know that Joe Biden has an empathetic heart that understands their pain and is ready to face with them the truth about systematic racism.

The Timely Physical Appearances

One of Joe Biden’s best moves is his timely appearances. Normally, due to the pandemic, Biden is keeping a low physical appearance. However, he does come out in public occasionally as per the need of the situation.

Analyzing Biden’s Moves

If we analyze Biden’s moves and compare them to what Trump is doing, it appears that his campaign is both effective and subtle. All of his moves are quite reasonable responses to the crisis. Biden has the ability to adapt as per the need of the hour and shows concern and flexibility with regards to important national affairs. All of this positions him as the ideal leader that Americans are looking for.

Why Isn’t Biden Facing A Tough Time Carrying Out His Campaign During These Crises?

Well, the answer to this question is pretty simple. Joe Biden keeps calm and collected whenever a situation occurs. This is a quality that can be classified as his personal attribute. Even his own party members have grown to like him and finally, voted for him to represent the Democrats.

Biden has earned people’s trust over time with his careful responses, empathetic stances, and ‘I walk my talk’ executions. Biden tries to keep up with the issues of poor Americans and makes them feel heard. He validates their viewpoint and comes up with a very rational response to whatever the pressing crises are.

Even in the case of COVID-19 spread, Biden, on one hand, kept telling people to stay home stay safe and at the other, practiced all those protocols himself too. He practiced what he preached and led people by his example out of the bad times, not just by speech.

Another reason why Biden, unlike Trump, doesn’t have a hard time in carrying out his campaign is that Biden is able to put himself in poor American’s shoes. He understands the racial injustice faced by the Black community and condemns it, if not make flashy promises. He understands that his role as a President would be to serve the people of the United States and not rule them. This is quite opposite to the view held by Trump.

Biden Vs. Trump: The Obvious Difference In Strategy

While Trump’s policies have been marred with hate since day 1, his response to all of the crises of 2020 was quite cold. He lacks empathy and loves to play the blame game. Even if it means he has to blame China or Iran for something, he will.

He refrains from taking responsibility for his actions and holds others accountable for his wrong policies. He also puts his interest above all and does not watch his word. In times like these, when he should be more careful while making speeches, he carelessly remarks protestors as terrorists, invokes George Floyd as being happy because of jobs increase and calls in for use of military force on his own American people.

Such an attitude is bound to earn him the public’s dislike and create hurdles in his path of conducting an election campaign.


Joe Biden is undoubtedly carrying on his election campaign in quite a subtle and wise manner. We can compare the ease with which Biden has managed to carry out his election campaign during these tough times when Trump seems to be struggling. The reason behind this is simple- Joe Biden knows his way around people while Trump seems to lack in the area.

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