Intentions Rising To Defund Police Department. How Far This Protest Will Go?

 June 13, 2020

By  BC Editorial Team

The protests over George Floyd’s death have gained momentum in the past few days and protestors are now demanding that the police department be defunded. With organizations such as Black Lives Matter and American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) backing these demands, the question posed by political experts is that exactly how far will these protests go?

Given the recent developments in Floyd’s case, Americans protesting Floyd’s death at the hands of a cop are now further exacerbated. According to the latest updates, many police supporters are entangling the facts and distorting them to come up with explanations of their own for Floyd’s death.

George Floyd’s death was witnessed by millions across social media due to the live transmission of his murder video. However, now American think-tanks supporting police departments are now proposing theories such as intoxication and drug abuse caused Floyd’s death and not the chokehold.

As tension rises between the protestors and police supporters, it is hard to tell when this fiasco will end or how will it settle. However, two case scenarios can be proposed and analyzed as to where this case is headed and how the American nation will respond.

Scenario 1: Justice is Delivered – Protests End

The first scenario could be if the United States government speeds up the justice process and punishes the cops involved in Floyd’s murder case. In such a situation, the police department will bear the consequences of their doings and be respectful towards Blacks for future encounters.

The acknowledgment of the fact that what the cops did was wrong and punishment of those involved in Floyd’s murder will also lay the foundation for a better and more secure America. If the Black community is assured justice and is heard and empathized with, their anger will surpass.

The protests will also come to an end soon if protestors’ demands are met. If the government is reluctant in meeting all, it must try to meet at least some of their demands, such as eradication of systematic racism and the introduction of laws that prevent such incidents.

Scenario 2: Law Turns A Blind Eye – How Far Will The Protests Go

The second scenario is the dreaded one and is most likely to come true. Looking at the current way government and judiciary are handling Floyd’s murder case, it is obvious that the United States government and white supremacist organizations have no intention of delivering justice.

The most recent report published on media is already showing that by turning around his cause of death from choking to intoxication, there are forces trying to protect the police and gaslight the blame on victims only.

If these forces succeed in protecting the policemen who murdered Floyd, a new wave of protests will ensue. This time it will be far more violent and destructive since the initial one because by siding with the convicted policemen, the United States government, judiciary and law enforcing agencies are sending out a very clear message to the American minorities – the message that their lives hold no value in the eyes of the American justice system and that their properties and rights matter the least to law enforcing agencies. It would be too much to handle.

Moreover, there is also a subtle indication that non-white lives are not safe in America. They can and they might be murdered in the future with no regard for the sanctity of human life. All of these implied messages will definitely spark a second round of fury among the protestors.

How Far Will The Protests Go?

From demanding capital punishment to defunding of the police department, these protests will go as far as they can be taken by the angry protestors. Even if it means further destruction of property, loss of lives, or a divide in the nation, leading to serious consequences.

This is being predicted because half of the American nation comprising of immigrants, Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, and other non-white communities of America will realize that soon, it will be their turn. After looking at George’s fate and seeing no response to it, it becomes evident that none of the non-whites are safe or even considered human enough to receive respectful treatment.

If none of the non-whites are safe and it doesn’t matter to the United States government, political institutions, and law enforcement agencies then why would they calm down? Why wouldn’t they engage in further unrest and chaos?

If no white individual is going to speak up for the rights of non-whites or address it, one can only imagine the length these protestors will go unless they feel heard and seen.

Will Defunding The Police Department Ease Tensions?

Defunding the police department will surely make a difference. If the government decides to cut, if not all but some of the police departments’ funds, even then a resolution can be achieved. An implied message can be delivered that the protestors were heard and government tried doing something, if not everything.

However, the real action which will cause these protests to come to a halt will be punishing the cops who committed Floyd’s murder. Instead of finding ways to blame his death on the victim himself, America’s law enforcement agencies must make use of the video clip which clearly shows Floyd died of a chokehold. They must punish the policemen involved. Only then will this country see an end to these protests and live in peace.


Peace cannot exist in harmony with oppression. No matter how much the authorities wish to ignore the systematic oppression faced by Blacks and other non-white communities of America, it will keep showing up in incidents like these in the future too.

Consequently, as long as oppression will exist regardless of how implied and systemized it is, the non-white communities of America will continue to feel unsafe, unheard, denied, border-lined, and marginalized.

The only solution to end these protests and bring back peace is to ensure justice is delivered at the right time and Floyd’s murderers are punished.

BC Editorial Team


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