In Which Order Should I Watch Doctor Who?

 September 27, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

It can’t be denied that watching movies or television series could be a good entertainment hobby, especially now that we’re in the middle of a pandemic. In particular, we don’t necessarily have other things to do after working 8 hours a day, so a chance to sit back and relax while being entertained is a type of deal no one would pass.

Of course, this encouraged people to subscribe to Netflix to follow their favorite series’ journey from the beginning until the end. Now, if you’ve seen a trailer about a medical television series and you couldn’t get enough, then chances are you’re already looking up the Doctor Who watching order guide to getting you started.

Fortunately, we just got what you’re looking for!

First Doctor or the Classic Series

You might have been nudged to watch the series due to curiosity, so to get you one of the best, we recommend starting your entertainment journey using a classic episode called “An Unearthly Child.”

Also, keep in mind that the spin-off series comprises four episodes that last for about 25 minutes each and initially aired on BBC TV back on November 23, 1963.

The series follows the adventures of Sarah Jane, who is a long-time companion of the Doctor, filled with heart-stopping and action-packed episodes for the audience.

Modern/Ninth Doctor Series

On the other hand, the Modern Series began in 2005, showing a young shopgirl being attacked by the Auton at the start of Episode 1—one of the first halves in Season 1 that undoubtedly became an immediate fan favorite.

Next, Tennant, who played the role of the Tenth Doctor, appeared as the successor of the series. Meanwhile, BBC fans had seen the rise of Peter Capaldi to be the one bearing the role in the Twelfth Doctor.

Prequels and Epilogues

Given that the audience is still not satisfied and begged the producers to come up with something new, the production team later released Doctor Who’s prequels and epilogues that were made to have a distinction from the other seasons.

It offered a whole new perspective to the series, particularly when the prequel of each Doctor Who’s episode has always had its fans’ hearts stopping. It featured never-before-seen scenes like time-traveling through the TARDIS and an intriguing look at the attempt of the Doctor and his companies to prevent the end of time.

If you’re interested in taking a look, we’ve listed down a few prequel titles that built the show’s solid reputation:

  • The Name of the Doctor
  • The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe
  • A Town Called Mercy
  • Asylum of Daleks
  • The Vampires of Venice


Suppose that you’ve become too invested in the show; at this point, let us take you deeper into the rabbit hole by offering the extras.

The BBC TV Program noticed that the market for the Doctor Who Series is incomparable and took it upon themselves to release the show’s best episodes as well as some holiday specials that they first did in 2005.

Its initial episode debuted with the title “The Christmas Invasion,” known for its out-of-the-box plots to guarantee that there would be no dull moment. Other titles include:

  • The return of Doctor Mysterio
  • Christmas Carol
  • Runaway Bride
  • Last Christmas
  • Husbands of River Song
  • Attack of the Graske
  • Voyage of the Damned

Overall, the franchise has garnered an astonishing number of people in its fan base since its pilot release in 1963.

Regardless of who took the character of Doctor Who, it can’t be denied that its out-of-this-world storylines were its edge in getting their audience hooked, making it part of the most successful series in the industry.

BC Editorial Team


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