Improve Your Health and Reduce Energy Costs with a Commercial Retractable Awning

 June 9, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

It has been found the positive impact of natural light in the studies on the people who spend a lot of time staying indoors. From faster recovery times of patients to improved productivity in the office, daylight is well connected with happy living.

However, in a time where energy efficiency is at the forefront of architectural designs, the two goals might seem odd. A commercial awning is something that offers a dynamic solution for reducing the use of energy while maximizing natural light.

What is the relationship between well being and natural light?

The study was conducted where it was found that the optimal light leads to an 85% drop in eyestrain, blurred vision, and headaches, and an 11% decrease in drowsiness.

Another study found that the employees experiencing a robust dose of morning daylights experience lower depression levels and better sleep than the ones where there’s limited access to light.

Natural sunlight plays an essential role in the life of a patient from the mental well being, healing, and long-term prevention of certain health issues point of view.

It doesn’t matter which category your property falls in, these benefits imply on restaurants, shops, and other types of businesses as well.

What to understand about solar heat gain?

It is considered as a term in describing UV rays that come from doors, windows, skylights, and leave the heating effect on the interior of a building. When the building starts heating up, the air conditioners must work harder in maintaining a consistent temperature.

While the new windows help in reducing the heating effect to a certain degree, exterior awnings can also leave a major impact. It has been estimated that window awnings help in reducing solar heat gain in the summer by 66% on the windows which are south faced and 78% on the windows which are west faced.

This will not damage your view outside the window.

How can the exposure of natural light be balanced with energy efficiency goals?

As energy efficiency is growing as a centerpiece of functional building designs, many people are finding it challenging while balancing the desire to block the heat-inducing qualities of sunlight with the benefits of promoting health.

To keep the energy minimized so that there will be no solar heat gain; many organizations are coming up with solutions blocking sunlight together like window and blind treatments. But this isn’t the case for business owners who value the benefits of natural light as well.

Installing a commercial automatic awning New Jersey has become one of the best and cost-efficient options for offering the best of both.

With a commercial awning, property owners can retract the awning into its cassette or enclosure during the day while extending when it’s needed the most. This will give the customers and employees a healthy dose of natural light, which will also reduce the cost of energy.

Reducing the cost of energy

Commercial awnings help in reducing the cost of energy while also adding aesthetics to the building. When the shading effects are combined, air conditioners run efficiently because they don’t need to work more.

One can easily reduce the energy usage of air conditioners by 26% after the installation of awning and shade covering to windows.

Savings indirectly

Keeping your outdoor assets safe such as patio furniture and indoor assets which include furniture and artwork, from direct heat sunlight prevents fading and extends the life.

Also, these awnings are designed to be durable, so you don’t need to worry about adding any of the elements to the landfill.

How does an awning help to save energy?

  • Awnings reduce the cooling energy by 26%

This will lead to a lot of annual savings as the study has found. The first step while cutting on the energy consumption is to know the side of the house getting shade; this will help you to know about the installation of the awning.

  • Awnings and shades work in conjunction with your air conditioner

External devices offering shade such as retractable awnings help in minimizing the heat. When the amount of heat gets reduced, which is coming into the house, the total amount of air conditioning use will also be reduced.

 This will not only reduce the electricity bill, but it is also the best environment-friendly option. With less energy, the carbon footprint can be offset by emitting fewer greenhouse gases in the air.

  • Awnings reduces heat by 57%-78%

On the windows facing the south side, awnings help in reducing heat by 56-66% and 73-78% on the windows which are west side. Since the rays of the sun can increase the temperature of the house by as much as more than 30%, an awning helps in keeping the house chilled and reduces the dependency on air conditioner.

  • The use of fabric in awnings can influence energy savings

Choosing the right awning fabric is essential as it influences how much heat can come up into your house and how much of it can be saved. The light color fabric keeps the rays of the sun away from the house. Awnings that are dark in color absorb heat and are perfect to use in a cold climate as a lot of light comes from the window. You can choose from a variety of patterns and colors which will not fade for years to come.

  • Awning helps in winters too

As it might be expected, the installation of windows reduces energy and costs for many home and business owners, this can prove to be a major investment.

As a beneficial step, it has been recommended to install weather stripping, caulk, and awnings to enhance the efficiency of existing windows. A lot of improvements have been made to enhance the appeal of the awning.

In the past, awnings were made of canvas or metals, which need to be recreated again after 5-7 years. Nowadays, they are made of fibers that never fade and are water repellent.

Call the expert to know more about how an awning can save you a lot!

BC Editorial Team


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