Immerse Yourself In Ringside Action With E-sports Boxing Club

 July 23, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

As a timeless and ever-evolving sport, boxing pulls some of the world’s biggest crowds annually. This fascinating hold transcends beyond real-life ring matches to video and online gaming. With the advent of e-sports boxing, fans worldwide can now compete against one another, playing as licensed boxers or as personal characters. This leap from traditional boxing rings to online adventure gaming and conquests is increasingly being embraced by the biggest boxing brands and tournament organizers.

Boxing fans can now enjoy the video and electronic games via a PC or console. Boxing games are fun and bring the thrill and passion of personal trainers, coaches and team doctors into your living room. These boxing games are so intriguing and graphically captivating that they catapult you from your seat into the real-life ring setup. Interestingly, you can play as any of your favorite fighters (from legends to rising talents) or create a new fighter. Whichever choice you make, e-sports boxing games are bound to leave you at the edge of your seat.

One of such games is the soon-to-be-released E-sports Boxing Club (ESBC). What makes the e-sports boxing club so highly anticipated is the realistic angle the game brings to your screen. The game is designed by Steel City Interactive in collaboration with the professional boxing community, bringing fans even closer to boxing ring intricacies. Speaking on the gameplay and design, the company’s Commercial Director, Ash Habib, said;

“Our main priority is to deliver a game that’s deeper and plays better than the Fight Night series. The Physics was pretty much our first six months of development, we didn’t do anything visually, or on the art style. We spent a solid six months on the physics because the game is all about the gameplay and in a boxing game that is all about physics. We decided to ditch things like repeatable jabs and punches where they all look the same. What we’ve got instead, through our partnership with a world-leading motion capture studio, is something that’s going to be on another level to Fight Night. The fighters, not only do they look pretty insane in terms of the visuals, but the movement is an actual representation of a human body. We’ve got actual weight represented in each limb and that’s never really happened in a boxing game.”

Why You Should Be Excited About the ESBC Release

The first thing any gamer looks out for in a new game are its features. To help with the excitement, we’ve itemized some of the game’s significant features below.

  • An Impressive Character Lineup: Thanks to partnerships with boxing corporations like the IBO and WBC, the E-sports Boxing Club will feature the likeness of several boxers, both past and present. Players may choose between boxing greats like Muhammad Ali, George Foreman and Joe Frazier and more recent fighters like the Klitschko brothers. The impressive CGI also allows you to create boxing characters. At last count, there are 100 licensed boxers in the ESBC game world.
  • Boxing Licenses: The partnership with world boxing bodies transcends the use of images and player likeness. It also includes championship belts. You can now fight your way up as an amateur up to the IBF, WBC, and British Board of Control belts. There are seven championship belts, with the winner of the eWBC getting presented with a physical belt (sanctioned by the WBC itself) during the ESBC event. In addition to this, Steel City developers say actual world venues will be used in the game. So, you just might walk down the Madison Square Garden or recreate your Thrilla in the Manila experience. Also available are official boxing gear and the best commentators from DAZN boxing.
  • ESBC Will Be On Multiple Platforms: As an e-sports lover, you may be used to playing online via their PCs, but get ready for more competition as ESBC will be live on existing and future consoles. In an inclusive move, e-sports boxing will be available on the Xbox series, Playstation 5, and, of course, boxing games ps4. The goal is to give all boxing fans a home and an opportunity to express themselves in a boxing ring. Whichever platform you choose to play on, offline career modes and an online community connection will always be available.

Though it is yet to get an official release date, the Esports Boxing Club will set a new mark for boxing and combat games when it drops. Per the game’s website, “Our aim is to launch within the coming months. The game will be launched into Early Access via Steam. The official launch date has not been finalized however we are balancing the community’s desire for a boxing game with making sure that we deliver the best possible experience.

The game’s cover star is likely to be Mexico’s Canelo Alvarez – a boxer who has distinguished himself across four weight classes, winning world championships in each of them and unifying the titles in three. The single-player offline career mode, online multiplayer and e-sports competition make ESBC more than just a boxing game; it is a celebration of the sport’s culture.

While you may have been having field days on boxing betting sites, it is time to test your skills within the ring. It is one thing to have your money on the line, but another to have your pride, skill and a championship title dependent on your performance. Injuries, cuts, blood and physical damage will play a key role in your career path in this game, immersing you in the same journey that some of your favorite boxers had to take.

If you are into boxing betting, then you will surely love the e-sports boxing club. As Steel City Interactive prepares to take boxing games to another level, you can join the train – from just about any gaming platform you are on, no segregation. Just a large community of gamers united by their passion for boxing.

BC Editorial Team


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