How You Can Get Mail Delivered Faster? 

 November 1, 2020

By  Vada Shelby

USPS is known for its outstanding service since its inception for which people from all over the world prefer to avail of its service. Though USPS delivers the mail or package in minimal time yet it is observed that USPS sometimes takes a long time to deliver to its recipient. It is true that the time that USPS requires to deliver the package or mail to its recipient mainly depends on various factors such as the category of mail, location of the sender as well as the location of the receiver. It is obvious that the farther the location of the receiver the more will be the time that USPS requires delivering the package or mail to the receiver. But no matter whatever the condition may be the customer will always expect USPS to deliver their mail or package in quick intervals. There may be hundreds of difficulties but USPS can still deliver the package of its customer in a faster mode. Customers should be aware of the fastest way to mail a package USPS.

Ways to send mail quicker :

If you want to send your mail or package in a short period of time you must have some idea about the USPS mail category as well as you should know the tips and tricks that will certainly help you to make your package or mail or letter process in a quick interval. The following are some tips that you be aware of if you need USPS to deliver your mail in a quicker period:

  • If you want to get your mail delivered in a quick interval the first thing that you must remember is to use a strong or sturdy envelope use box for packing your parcel. In case you pack your parcel with a light and delicate box or envelop then there is a high chance that the box will open up in transit. In case the parcel or mail tears off or open up in transit then it will take a long time for the USPS to reassemble the opened package and hence you cannot expect the USPS carrier to deliver your package early at such condition. So, before such things happen to make sure that you pack your package with such a strong envelop that it will never tear or open up during transit.
  • Another essential thing that you must do is to use tape to tie up your package. You must use this tape on all the corners of your package so that it never gets damaged under any condition.  This kind of tape will certainly help you in preventing the package from getting dismantled. So, make sure such things never happen to you and so take appropriate measures before sending your package.
  • Once you pack your mail or package the next essential thing that you must do is to write the address properly. You must make sure that you have written the address of both the sender and receiver properly on the package. This is highly essential since if you do not write the receiver’s address correctly then it may get delivered to the wrong address. Again if you do not write your address properly then the USPS carrier will not be able to return back your package or mail in case it cannot be delivered to the recipient. Hence, you must be very careful about it and if possible use printed label so that the USPS carrier do not face any difficulty in understanding what is written on the label.
  • You must go to the Home page of the USPS for observing the address of the recipient. After opening the page you have to enter the correct information for the recipient. You will be able to find the 9 digit ZIP code for the recipient. This is the ZIP code that you can use in your package by writing it exactly over the package. When you will use the ZIP-code correctly USPS carrier will be able to send the mail faster.
  • Another most essential thing that you must do is to cover the address written on the package with the help of clear packaging tape. When you will do it your address will remain intact even if the box becomes wet or gets dismantled.
  • As a USPS customer, you must know the shipping speed of your mail item so that you can estimate the time when your package will be reached to your recipient. The easiest way to know the various rates and speed of the mail you needs to talk to USPS personnel at your nearest branch. Talking to the concerned person at the Post Office will help you to determine which will be the best way to send your package.
  • Another best idea is to ask the employee of USPS to provide you a postal label. At most of the branches, you will get the facility to print the postage label. You must use this postage label at the time when you will be given to enter the information for making the payment through Credit card or Debit card. However, you can also print the postage label at home using your Pay Pal account.

Conclusion :

Sometimes it becomes necessary for the customer to get their mail or package delivered in quick intervals. During such a condition they should know all the tactics of getting their mail delivered faster. Hence we have come up with various tips and tricks that will certainly help them to get their mail delivered in a quick period of time. Apart from that, the customer should also behave nicely with the staff of the post office and ask help from them in a polite manner. However, it may happen that the staff of the post office remains busy in their work due to which they are not being able to help you. Hence it is always important to know the tactics on your own instead of relying on the staff.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Q.1. How Do I Get The Mail Delivered On A Certain Day?

It’s hard to get the mail delivered on the certain day you are asking for but the only way that you can ensure to get the delivery is to send the mail by Overnight Express. Even then, there are several places where overnight is taken as 2-3 days.

Q.2. Can I Make My USPS Package Come Faster?

There are some possible chances that you can get your package faster than usual. From the quick delivery options such as First-class Package Service or Speedy global delivery with Priority Mail Express International, the USPS can deliver your package faster.

Q.3. What Is The Fastest Way To Get The Mail Delivered?

Priority Mail Express is the fastest delivery option offered by the Postal Service. You can expect your delivery in one day or a maximum of two days and it covers insurance of $100.


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