How Worksheets Make Homeschooling Possible for Parents? 

 December 28, 2020

By  BC Editorial Team

A lot of people are now opting for homeschooling to educate their children. In fact, homeschooling has become the major need of this time, considering the COVID-19 pandemic and even the government of different countries is supporting the idea of homeschooling.

Homeschooling is a progressive approach that’s been widely adopted by a majority of people around the country and the world. The approach tends to educate the children at home by their parents or guardian rather than sending them to a mainstream school (private or public).

Practically speaking, homeschooling makes home the center of a child’s education. It gives an opportunity to the parents or guardians to become the primary educators and teaching mentors for their children. The children are guided carefully through their mental, emotional, and physical development. There are several reasons and factors behind the concept of homeschooling, however, dissatisfaction with the educational options available, the difference in religious or educational philosophies, and top of all, the implementation of lockdown and practice of social distancing are the major contributing aspects behind homeschooling.

Well, homeschooling is not as simple as it sounds. Instead, it majorly depends upon the educational excellence and dedicated involvement of parents with their children in their academic grooming. However, the presence of digital tools has created an effective support system for parents. There is sufficient study material and study tools available on the internet and e-worksheets are considered as prominent support material!

What Role do Worksheets Play In Homeschooling?

Worksheets serve as a testing approach and an experimental exercise to assess student’s learning and knowledge in a particular or sometimes multiple areas. Also, the researchers refer to worksheets for kindergarten and higher levels as an effective way to boost the learning abilities and progress of students through experimental exercises, be it at home or in school.

As for homeschooling, parents use the e-learning resources and electronic study material as curriculum/syllabus for their children. Whereas to test the children’s knowledge and learning capabilities, worksheets play a vital role in aiding parents with the challenging process of homeschooling.

Worksheets serve as Effective Learning Methodology

The objective of a worksheet is not just restricted to the testing but worksheets also offer a broad learning avenue to the students. Along with facilitating conceptual learning and knowledge retention in young minds, worksheet solving also proves to be a fun activity. The worksheets are formulated over experimental designs which let the kids explore their potential and implement their knowledge and learning. That is why the educationalists prefer worksheets to be part of the homeschooling process.

Worksheets Boost Enthusiasm for Learning

The incorporation of worksheets in the homeschooling curriculum helps parents to enhance the interest and enthusiasm towards learning and exploring new concepts in their children up to a great extent. In fact, in mainstream schools, most of the teachers employ worksheet designing and solving in their teaching approach to ensure conceptual learning and knowledge implementation in their students. Besides, every child has different learning potential and different learning approaches. Where textbook reading and other learning resources act as the same approach for every child, worksheets serve as a variable approach as these could be designed or formulated according to the potential and needs of every child.

Worksheet Solving is a Productive Activity

It is very easy for students to write down a description of a certain topic or paraphrase the knowledge they have about a particular subject and it does not really engage them. But, the task of solving a worksheet is a very productive and engaging activity. Not only it ensures children’s ability of reading and comprehension but it also provides a clear picture of children’s mind, intelligence, and cognitive function.

Electronic Worksheets

Electronic worksheets are an innovation in the learning methodologies by the virtue of digital technology. Electronic worksheets are basically computerized versions of worksheets that are being operated and regulated by software. These software programs help students to organize, align, and work through problems on a computer screen. The results are generated on the screen at the moment. Thus, the students not only solve the worksheets but also get to know the correct answers and their mistakes or misconceptions.

In the current era of technological innovation, electronic worksheets are playing an incredible role in both digital schooling as well as homeschooling. The use of technological tools never hurt instead additional benefits are obtained.

Electronic Worksheets Improve Critical Learning Skills

The electronic worksheets facilitate learning by various styles like open-ended learning, problem-oriented learning, constructivist, investigative, discovery-oriented, active, and student-centered learning. Besides, these provide other benefits too! Electronic worksheets are more interactive, provide instant feedback to students, and present multiple things/ aspects on-screen simultaneously. The students get to enjoy extensive control and ownership over their learning approaches. They also excel in solving problems that require critical thinking and handling extensive information.

Electronic Worksheets are Effective Learning Tools for Children with Special Needs

For children with special needs or mental disabilities, homeschooling proves to be a preferable approach. This is where the right use of tech tools can make a huge impact!

While homeschooling children with special needs like children having Dyslexia, ADHD, Autism, Down Syndrome, etc. the electronic worksheets are very helpful along with the e-curriculum. However, other technological tools are also incorporated in the homeschooling plan of such children.

This approach helps parents to homeschool their children at their pace and according to their learning potential and learning skills. Besides, using software or applications that test student’s concepts makes them confident and independent. Their memory, cognitive function, and processing abilities also get enhanced. This approach actually provides an opportunity to take responsibility for their assessment conduction and completion on their own.

Worksheets make it easier for parents to evaluate their children’s learning progress as well as to engage the children in studies. When parents get involved with the children in solving worksheets, not only children’s learning potential increase but their bonding also gets stronger. You should not only be making use of worksheets while homeschooling your children but also when your child is going to mainstream schools in order to enhance their learning.

BC Editorial Team


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