How to Style Accessories for a Casual Look

 October 18, 2022

By  BC Editorial Team

Men, it’s time to dress up your basic t-shirt. You pick out your pants and graphic tees to show off your personality. Do the same with your accessories. A classic Cuban link chain or statement earring can quickly elevate an everyday outfit.

Jewelry may seem a little overwhelming if you are new to accessorizing, but men have been complimenting their style with necklaces, rings, and earrings for hundreds of years. Whether your style is more laid back, athletic, street or preppy the right accessories can add flair to what you wear.

If you are new to accessorizing or just looking to shake things up, this guide can help you style your jewelry into an effortlessly casual look. Who knows? That necklace may just become your signature piece.

Cuban Link Necklace

An iconic Cuban link chain can quickly elevate a simple t-shirt and jeans. The style became popular in the 70s when one of hip-hop’s founders, DJ Kool Herc, used to sport gold chains at his Bronx block parties.

Soon everyone was accessorizing with these staple gold chains. You can find this necklace style in a variety of lengths and sizes. If yellow gold jewelry isn’t for you, try a white gold Cuban link.

If you tend to dress, simply try layering a few 3-5mm Cuban link chains to add volume to your look. For those who live for street style, go bold in a heavy 19mm piece and let it accentuate the neckline of a basic black tee.

Signet Ring

Originally these rings were used by those in power to seal documents with their sigil. The face of the ring would be embossed with a family crest. We may not need a signet to sign the documents we send any longer, but we can still wear a signet ring to take a casual ensemble to the next level.

Like the rings of old, a funky signet ring can become your signature piece. Rock out with an octopus on your hand. Take comfort from the image of your favorite saint. Have a custom ring made with an auspicious date that holds meaning for you.

An extraordinary ring will add to any outfit, whether it be the suit you wear to your best friend’s wedding or the blazer you choose for your next job interview. The right ring can help you add a personal touch to your look every day.

Nautical Cord Bracelet

Maybe metal isn’t your thing. A simple nautical cord bracelet can add an accent to your arm without being too heavy or gaudy. A bracelet on your right arm can keep your style balanced if you wear a wedding band on your left hand.

Minimal bracelets add a touch of character without overwhelming any outfit, which makes them perfect for casual everyday wear.  Great for men who want to add a little something without being too over the top.

Simple Stud Earring

You’ll first wear these simple earrings when you have your ears pierced, but they still make a statement. These earrings are comfortable enough for everyday wear. You can even sleep in them.

Pair diamond studs with your gold Cuban link chain, a fitted black tee, and trendy sneakers. You’ll look as cool as the hip-hop artists and ballers you see on TV. Perfect for a date night look or grabbing drinks with the guys.

Dare to Dangle

Men who are a little more fashion-forward could add more personal flair with dangly earrings. Make a statement with a chic feather in one ear. It’ll give major Captain Jack Sparrow vibes with minimal effort.

Take the pirate look a step further with a few rings and a man bun. Pair with a white button-down casually open at the top and a fitted pair of skinny jeans. Finish the look with some heavy boots, and you’ll be ready to set sail.

Stylish Watch

The right watch can pair effortlessly with a suit and tie while remaining casual enough for relaxed wear. Watches are typically worn on the non-dominant hand. You can go big and bold with a diamond face paired with a heavy Cuban link pendant necklace or keep it more austere with a leather band and chic roman numerals.

If you wear a smartwatch daily, try changing the band for a more fashionable look. A titanium band or leather strap can quickly upgrade your smartwatch into a staple piece.

Playful Pearls

Gender non-conforming fashion is all the rage in the roaring 2020s, don’t let the celebrities have all the fun. Harry Styles, Pharrell, and Jayden Smith have all popped on pearls. Why not try them out for your next night on the town?

Pearls can add a touch of luxury to an otherwise plain outfit. Try pairing your pearls with a white tank and a printed cardigan to give your look an edge. Go monochrome and shake up an otherwise masculine look by wearing a string of dark pearls with a black turtleneck and blazer.

Accessorizing with jewelry doesn’t have to be scary. It can be fun. There are no rules when it comes to fashion. Play into the trends or ignore them entirely and find what feels good for you.

BC Editorial Team


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