How to Stay Safe and Secure on Instagram

 November 25, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

Social media is redefining our lives. One of the popular social media platforms, Instagram is the 4th most popular social media platform worldwide with over 1 billion users and growing. People love sharing their special moments, holidays and other such moments and memories on social media. Apart from this, Instagram has become a popular choice to share pictures, videos and stories with potential customers and followers by influencers and businesses.

To increase followers, you need to focus on your Instagram organic growth. To achieve this, you need to be active on Instagram through regular posts, experimenting with new and creative ideas, communicating with followers, replying to comments, and so on. So, if you like sharing and posting on Instagram, you must also know how to keep your account safe and secure from hackers, scammers, and stalkers. In this article, we will be sharing some useful tips to guide you.

Turn On Two-Factor Authentication To Keep Your Instagram Account Safe And Secure

Instagram has introduced various safety features, and you can use such features to keep your account safe and secure. If you have any doubt that someone is trying to hack your account without your authorization, then you can enable two-factor authentication or the 2FA feature of your Instagram account. You need to go through these two levels of authentication to access your account. For example, a hacker can hack your account and use your password to use your account, but he or she cannot use your physical device. To activate two-factor authentication, follow these steps.

Android or iOS users can follow this method. For this, you must go to the hamburger icon; here, you need to:

Select Security > Two-Factor Authentication > Get Started. Here, you can choose the second layer of authentication as a text message or an independent authentication app.

You can simply use your Google account as an authenticator as an app. (If you have poor connectivity and cannot receive the SMS on time, you can go to the ‘Two-Factor Authentication’ option and select ‘Recovery Code’ to access your account.

More Tips To Keep Your Instagram Account Safe And Secure

You can keep your Instagram account safe and secure by using this ‘Two-Factor Authentication,’ but you need to check the log-in activities of your account from time to time to keep your account safe. In this case, you can use the following steps:

  • Check the security emails sent by Instagram: You can access Security options from Settings and go to emails. Here, you can find a tab that displays a list of the emails sent by Instagram in the past 2 weeks. All these mails are related to your account safety and security, and here you can find information regarding your last log-in activities and locations. You can verify such locations, and if you find any unknown location, you must change your password immediately.
  • Make your Instagram account private– Once you post your picture or videos on Instagram, anyone can see your posts by default. But you can make your Instagram account private and allow your known people to access your posts. Select Setting, go for Privacy, click on the Account Privacy option, and make your account Private. If your account is private, new followers cannot see your posts until you approve their request. Google will not index your private account and make your photos and videos visible on search engines.
  • Disable your activity status– Another way to keep your Instagram account safe and free from intrusive elements is to disable the activity status indicated by a green dot. One of the ways to get this is by following these steps: Go to the Settings, choose Privacy, and click on Activity Status to disable your tracking option.
  • Limit the accessibility– Instagram gives you complete freedom to choose the people who can access your photos and stories, and you can turn off the comment on your posts if you avoid unnecessary activity. You can simply choose the three dots of your post and turn off the comment. You can even block a specific account and decide who can comment on your post. Just click on the settings, go to Privacy and click on Comments. Here, you can simply block such accounts you do not want to communicate with.
  • Report the activity or a person- You can block and report a stalker on Instagram. You can do it through an individual post, comment, or message. Just click on the three-dot icon of your post and report a specific comment. You can report an Instagram account, and Instagram can block and suspend any account that receives such requests. If you report an account, then Instagram automatically blocks that user, and he or she cannot access your posts anymore.
  • Screen the follower request- You may receive many follower requests on Instagram. While it may look great that so many people want to follow you, but many a time, such accounts are fake and may belong to scammers. Make sure you identify the fake and scammers before accepting their follow requests on Instagram. Instagram has launched a new feature, and you can click on the account info to check whether the account is legit or not. Apart from that, you should remove some followers who are not active on Instagram. Just check your followers every week and remove such followers who are inactive. Remember, merely having many followers is not enough; your focus should be to get organic growth and genuine followers.
  • Mute your account – You can mute an account from your feed. You can click on the three-dot and choose the Mute option. Or you can directly select an Instagram profile, tap on the following option, and mute that account. Some third-party apps are available that can connect your Instagram account automatically, and you might grant such permission unknowingly. You can click on Settings, go to Security, and click on the App option to find the list of apps connected with your Instagram account. You can remove such apps that you do not want.


Instagram has grown from being just a photo-sharing app to a platform where many small businesses make money. Using the tips above, you can keep your Instagram account safe and free from stalkers and intruders. Instagram also allows users to report cases of abuse, bullying, harassment, etc. So, keep the stalkers and scammers at bay by staying vigilant and following the above tips.

BC Editorial Team


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