How to Level up in Dota 2?

 June 25, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

DOTA is one of those games that revolutionize an entire industry. If you are a fan, chances are you have now moved on to playing DOTA 2. You will enjoy the game more if you level up your character, but how can you do this quickly?

Today, we will show you several tips on how you can level up your character in DOTA 2 really fast. By the end of this tutorial, you should be ready to fight your way up and even become a professional player one day.

1. Kill the Heroes

In DOTA 2, you are a hero, but you also need to kill heroes. It is a war. As you know, you only level up in DOTA 2 by gaining experience (XP). Killing enemies is one way to gain experience. Once you have accumulated XP, you should be ready to level up. The good thing about a hero kill is that it has a guaranteed XP. Also, the level of the hero you kill is a variable when gaining XP. The higher level you kill, the more XP you get. Of course, you cannot kill a Level 30 if you are merely Level 1, so make sure you hunt heroes who are within your range, like Level 1 to 3.

2. Kill Creeps

Another method to earn XP is to kill creeps. Creeps are monsters that come in all sorts of sizes, power levels and classifications. Lane creeps produce XP, but if you destroy buildings, they do not grant XP.

Then you have what is called neutral creeps. These creeps have a unique value. The value increases by 2% every seven minutes that you play. To be exact, that time-frame is seven minutes and 30 seconds. The value of this creep increases according to the base value, not the current one. What this means is that the 2% increase is based on its original XP value, and it is not exponential.

Lane creeps give small XP, and they only range between 57 and 88. However, they give more experience than the neutral creeps, which yield between 19 and 47 XP on average. What you want to do is to join an alliance, so you can kill creeps with large XP bonuses. Examples of these are Satyr Tormenter and Centaur Conqueror, both of which give 90 XP.

3. Use Your Abilities

Some hero abilities give XP to the hero who used them. You will see professional players do this all the time. Here are two abilities that can give you XP:

  • Hand of Midas – this is a transmute ability that gives you XP. The XP you get is a multiplier against that XP value of the target that you used your abilities upon.
  • Tome of Knowledge – this is an enlightenment ability. It gives you 700 base XP, but you could get a bonus XP for every previous tome that you used. Also, if the tome you used was consumed by an ally, you will get more XP.

The key here is to use your abilities in a strategic manner. They are not limitless, so you have to use the abilities on the right targets and only if your allies need them.

Take Advantage of Outposts

If you watch professional players, you will see some of them on Outposts. An Outpost is a building that is near the primary jungle of a team. They belong to each team, but each team has the option to capture the enemy Outpost.

The capture occurs if the team destroys a tier 2 tower of the enemy team. You can take back an Outpost after losing it. After capturing an Outpost, everyone in the team gets an extra 20 XP every minute for as long as the Outpost was not taken back by the enemy.

What Should You Do? 

To level up in DOTA 2, you have to strategize. Every hero that joins starts with 0 experience. As you gain experience, you will be able to level up your character and give better tools and abilities to your hero. Also, you have to understand that at every level, the XP needed to get to the next level also increases.

Join battles if you have the time and also do quests. These two will give you a lot of XP. If you do not want to spend money, the only real way to gain XP fast is to grind. Grinding means playing for a long time, killing creeps and monsters until you get the XP level you need to be able to kill heroes that rank higher than you.

Patience is the key to succeeding both in DOTA 2 gaming and DOTA 2 betting. Couple that with the right strategy, and you are bound to develop a powerful character. Also, you will have access to more game rewards if you level up. The fastest way to level up, of course, is to buy your level gains with real cash.

The thing with DOTA 2 is that sometimes, it is better to participate in GG Bet esports betting (bet on esports) instead of spending money on leveling up. Once you spend money on leveling up, it does not give you a lot of return except for the better experience. If you bet on DOTA 2 players online and you win, you not only get back your stake, but you also get extra cash as your reward.

BC Editorial Team


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