How to Install the Study Bunny App for PC

 September 28, 2022

By  BC Editorial Team

The study bunny is an app you should check out if you are a student or a working professional. It has all the fantastic features that will allow you to improve your productivity. The app ensures that you fully utilize your time instead of wasting it on some unworthy things. We all know that Time is Money. Hence, it becomes inevitable for us to use it wisely. Thus, if you want to focus more on study and productivity, then there could not be a better app than the Study Bunny. It has all the essential features that one productivity app must have.

Study With Bunny

You are not alone in your journey of studying hard. There will be a partner with you named BunnyBunny. He will help you concentrate and keep you away from all the apps that distract you. Bunny is a friend in need and a true friend indeed.

Invite your Friends

One of the significant benefits of installing the Study Bummy app is that it allows you to have a group study. Yes, it has a feature that lets you invite your friends to study together. You guys can meet virtually and share notes as well. Apart from that, the app has fantastic features that make you more productive. Also, the app consists of various tools such as a To-Do list, flashcards, and the customizable Study Tracker that allows you to improve your study and help you get better grades.

Earn Lots of Coins

Wouldn’tWouldn’t it be fantastic if you could earn rewards while studying? Yes, you can make a lot of coins while learning. However, these coins are only used for the requirements of BunnyBunny. The BunnyBunny is a hardworking partner. Hence, it would be great if you could use items for him. The store has tons of unique items such as tacos, doughnuts, iced coffee, salad, bubble tea, ramen, cheesecake, and many more.

Amazing User Interface

One of the best aspects of the app is its intuitive user interface. The app will keep you engaged with its unique features and dynamic screen. Also, you can set the timer as well. You can use it to assign a subject and color before you start a session. It has many helpful study tools such as to-do lists, flashcards, etc.

Keep Track of Your Activities.

The app lets you track your activities by showing you fantastic statistical data. You can follow how much you studied with color-coded flags. Apart from that, you can also customize your session blocks in the weekly view.

How to Download the Study Bunny on Windows or Mac

Here are some simple steps, after which it would be a cakewalk for you to boost productivity. To begin with, one has to download an emulator. Here, you can go with the NoxPlayer.

  • First, download NoxPlayer on your PC from its official website.
  • Now, install the Noxplayer android emulator on your Windows or Mac PC.
  • Open the Nox Emulator using the shortcut or use Windows search to find the app.
  • Go to Google Play Store and type “Study Bunny” in the search section. Make sure you’ve signed in to your Google account. And if you didn’t sign in, do the same and proceed further with the game search in Play Store.
  • Find the Study Bunny for Windows from the search results and click on the install option to move to the next step.
  • Post-installation process, click on Study Bunny from the Home screen and start using it.

BC Editorial Team


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