How to Install Minecraft Mods [Easy Guide]

 December 18, 2021

By  Gregory

Minecraft is the very famous “sandbox game” that lets you create your own world and experiences by forging creativity. It has taken the world by storm in recent years. The game itself a great deal but when gets played with incorporating various mods; it can skyrocket the fun to the whole new level.

Minecraft Mods give you endless possibilities to alter a lot of things in the game including, the graphics, adding new items, giving a changeover to the creators, making the gameplay looks more visually appealing and much more. You gotta choose what changes you want in the game, and the mod would fulfill your needs. Let it be modifying the way it plays or if you want complete overhauls; the genius mods has got your back.

Here in this detailed guide, I’ve taken the easiest way possible to simplify every vital aspect from how to download Minecraft mods to installation methods and everything. This is all, what you came here looking for, right? So what are you waiting for?

Mods for Minecraft – Things you should know

If this is the very first time you are getting your hands-on Minecraft mods, you must know certain things that are quite mandatory to be aware of before starting.

For Minecraft, the method for installing mods is dependent on the game version you have. Currently, it has 2 primary versions – Minecraft: Java Edition and Minecraft.

The former one is the original edition which is compatible working/playing on Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs. While for the newer version which is known as Minecraft is widely available for Windows 10, Xbox One, mobile devices (iOS and Android) and Nintendo’s Switch.

Although, there is an advantage hiding behind creating a single version of Minecraft for all these platforms – which is having the functionality of cross-play between Minecraft games. But unfortunately, there is no way out for making use of mods in the newer version that’s also known as console editions of Minecraft.

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If you are looking for the mods for Xbox One version, sadly there aren’t any free mods available for it. However, for mod-like content, you can buy add-ons from its official store that would help you modifying and transforming your gaming experience.

And finally, for Minecraft: Java Edition, the procedure of installing mods for Windows PCs and Mac is really simple.

How to choose a Minecraft Mod to use?

I got it that you want to make exceptional tweaks to your gameplay, but what are those particular changes you’re intended to make? Since there are plenty of Minecraft mods available on the internet, it would be a rather arduous task to choose one or play around with random ones.

Employing the type of mods is more of a personal preference sort of thing. However, for the folks, one who is a complete novice to this, could even find it hard coming up with the own likings or the modifications they want to make.

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So in that case where you are running out of ideas, what you can do is simply go to YouTube and search for the popular Minecraft mods. Watch a few videos, and you’d be able to churn out something good for you.

Although, alternatively, you can make use of Google for finding the best available Minecraft mods that would be an addition to the pool of your ideas. After having a little bit of knowledge about what all features can be alterable in the game, you’d then ask yourself questions how better could you enhance the experience, and then act accordingly by choosing the right mod.

How to download Minecraft Mods?

Upon deciding which Minecraft mod you’d like to download, you are all set to proceed with the following steps.

Downloading mods from the trusted sources should be your primary objective. Since there isn’t any official/authoritative source for Minecraft mods, even the Google’s top search results pages would lead you into the twilight of shady web pages.

However, there are a few sites that seem to be a trusted source you can go for including, minecraftforum.netplanetminecraft.com, minecraftwiki.net, to name a few. Now, simply go through the mentioned links and look for the desired mod and download it.

Sadly, mods compatibility issues kicking-in have been a major concern even for the modders themselves. Although in addition to the installation method that varies a lot, the process becomes pretty complicated.

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But not to fret since we have MinecraftForge, which is an open-source modding API. It is a go-to yet convenient mod loader that helps you simplifying compatibility between community-created game mods in Minecraft: Java Edition. Even though, it doesn’t support every mod out there but certainly the only best option.

Downloading and Installing Minecraft Forge

  • Firstly, go to the official source and click on the Windows Installer or if you are a Mac user tap on Installer, within the “Recommended Download” box. And now wait until the file gets fully downloaded.
Install Minecraft mods

NOTE: Some older mods are unlikely to work with the latest version of Minecraft Forge, so in that case, you must first locate the compatible version of Forge by clicking on “+ Show all Versions” tab and then download the appropriate version accordingly. You have to make sure that the mod is for the same version of Minecraft as Forge. Unless you aren’t sure of the specific version of Forge you need, download either latest or recommended version shown in the above screenshot.

  • Now, open the downloaded Forge.exe file and tap on Install client option and click on OK to proceed.
Install Minecraft Forge
  • Run the Minecraft launcher by double-clicking on its icon and if you see any new update available, continue with it.
  • Next, locate the Minecraft directory on your computer by following the steps mentioned below.

For Windows PC users: Type %appdata%\.minecraft\ in the search bar and click Enter.

For Mac users: Open Finder, go to the Menu bar, and tap on Go >> Go to the folder and type-in Library and tap on Go. On the left pane, click on Application support and locate the Minecraft folder.

  • Now, copy the .jar mod file that you have downloaded at the very first of the method. And, make sure if the mod file is in .zip folder, unzip it first and extract the .jar file then copy it.
  • Lastly, create a mod subfolder within the Minecraft main folder and paste the copied mod file in it.
  • Re-launch the Minecraft app and click on the Play button.
  • A pop-up window will appear; now click on the Minecraft Forge option that would be the version number, and that would allow mods to get load.

And that’s all; you have successfully installed Minecraft mods on your device. Now, simply click on Play button and would be able to reap the benefits of the mod that you have pasted in the Minecraft local directory.

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