How to Fix This Copy of Windows is Not Genuine?

 February 7, 2021

By  Gregory

Windows is a platform which is widely used by people all around the globe. Thanks to its user-friendly interface which let people use it easily. But still, there are many such issues faced by the users which are difficult to resolve. For example, recently my PC screen turned black and the only thing which was visible was the program icons. A message was flashing on the screen states This copy of Windows is not genuine. Even after restarting the PC, nothing changed. After making some good research, I solved the issue and that’s exactly when I thought of writing this post for our viewers.

We are going to talk about how to fix the “This copy of Windows is not genuine.” Trust me, getting this issue is really annoying and you can face it anytime due to some reasons. Talking about who all can apply these methods, both the Windows 7 32 bit and Windows 7 64 bit can use these methods. And since we want to serve you the best solution, we are sharing the three tried and tested methods. So let us dig into it.

What is “The copy of Windows is not genuine” error and what causes it?

The specified error may show up on the screen with different message.

A. Windows is not genuine

B. Your computer might not be running a counterfeit copy of Windows.

C. 0x80070005

This is the message which will appear on your screen when you will face this error. This usually happens in Windows 7 but it can happen in other versions as well. This error appears due to many reasons. It happens when you are using either patched, outdated or unlicensed version of Windows. Buying a pirated version of Windows OS will not run for long and within some months, you will see this error. Most of the users try entering the CD key in order to solve this issue but it really doesn’t work.

Since you are not using the real standard version of Windows OS provided by Microsoft, it happens. It also can happen if you’re using an outdated version of Windows.

TIP: Do not purchase the Windows OS from third party sources. Always update your Windows machine as it decreases the chance of facing this issue.

How to fix This copy of Windows is not genuine error issue?

Since we have read about this issue and what causes it, it’s time to know how to fix this issue. As told above, using the CD key or simply restarting the PC won’t help you, you need to read this post and find out the three genuine methods in order to fix this issue.

1. Uninstall Update KB971033

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The very first method is to delete the update KB971033. Let us now simply follow these simple steps given here-

Step 1: Click on the Windows + R key in order to access the Run dialog box. In the dialog box, type control panel and simply click enter in order to open a control panel.

Step 2: Now in the control panel, go to the programs and then programs and features. Now view installed updates will be visible, click on it.

Step 3: The list of installed updates will appear. Find update “KB971033” and simply uninstall it.

Step 4: At last, restart your PC.

By applying these four easy steps, you will be able to solve this issue. But if in case you still find the issue, read the next method given.

2. Reset license by Command Prompt

The second method would be to reset the license of your PC by using the command prompt as an administrator in order to fix the issue. Now let us read the following steps and fix the Windows is not genuine issue.

Step 1: Press the “Windows + S” key and search for “Command Prompt” and open as administrator.

Step 2: Now in the command prompt window, simply type the SLMGR-REARM and click enter.

Step 3: Wait for some time until the command runs. Once the process is completed, restart your PC.

Once you do this, the error will be solved. Now let us proceed towards the last method.

3. Use gpupdate/Force command

The last and third method is about using a command in order to fix this copy of windows is not genuine error. Let us follow these steps and read more.

Step 1: Firstly, click the Windows +R key and trigger the run dialog box. After that, type rsop.msc and click enter.

Step 2: Go to the Windows setting then security setting and then system services.

Step 3:- Now in the system services, locate the Plug and play and simply right click there.

Step 4: Now find Startup and press on Automatic.

Step 5: Now once again open the run dialog box by pressing the Windows +R key. Then type gpupdate/force and click enter.

Step 6: Now restart your computer.

Through these steps, you can solve the issue.

Facing this issue is not a big issue which can not be solved or for which you need to be a tech savvy. The methods we have shared here are the tried and tested methods through which you can solve the This copy of windows is not genuine issue easily by your own.

Bottom Line

If anything mentioned above does not work, you can also try clean installation of a genuine copy of Windows. But you won’t be needing it after using the method given above. So if you have liked our article, please let us know. Also, if in case of any query or suggestion, please feel free to comment below this article in the given comment area. We will try to solve your issue asap.



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