How to Find a UPS Tracking Number Without The Receipt?

 October 17, 2020

By  Vada Shelby

The post offices in the United States receive all the emails between 4.00 am and 6.00 pm. The packages are then handed over to the courier service officials around 8.00 am. After the completion of this process, the packages are delivered to their respective owners. The tracking number is also present on the mail receipt. This mail receipt is given to you by the post office officials when we submit the parcel.

There is one more way in which we can get the tracking number. Check the mail of confirmation we get when we submit the parcel. This email contains the tracking number. Thus, these are some ways in which we can track our parcel and prevent it from getting lost due to some mistakes. This article will talk about the details to find the UPS tracking number without the receipt.

Where is the Tracking Number Found?

The tracking number is present on various documents:

  • The mail receipt
  • Online label record.
  • Email of confirmation.
  • The sales receipt.

A tracking number is just like a unique ID of every package that is delivered by the UPS. This number is used to track the packages. UPS also has a separate webpage to locate the packages. It is specially made to find and locate packages that are without the tracking numbers.

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UPS My Choice

If you want to know your package’s status at every minute, sign up for UPS My Choice. When you sign up for UPS My Choice, you will receive updates about your packages from the UPS. You can also change the locations of the delivery through this service. You can also download the mobile app for your IOS and android phones to receive notifications of your packages’ delivery.

With the tracking software and facilities of UPS, you can get all this information about your parcel. We need to follow some steps to check the delivery status of the package. We have to enter the tracking number for checking the status of the parcel.

UPS has always been providing all services for our convenience. It has a systematic procedure for all types of management. We can always ask for help from the post office officials. UPS has excellent customer care services that are ready to solve your problems.

Track by Reference:

You can use the track by reference feature to locate the packages without the tracking number. If you don’t have a tracking number, you can also go to UPS’s main tracking page and select the track by reference option. Enter your reference number and date of the shipment of your package.

UPS has an efficient software that helps you all the details of your package and about the UPS. You can call the customer care service at any time during working hours in case of any problem. The organization has made sure to serve its clients best and provide the best services to them. We hope this article answered all your questions.

Vada Shelby


  1. This is not helpful @ all…..How do you get a reference # if you don’t have a receipt or tracking #? Makes no sense to me. I’m right back @ square one.

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