How to Dress Your Toddler for the Autumn?

 September 12, 2022

By  Kyrie Mattos

When summer starts to subside, many parents assume that they should pack away their toddler’s summer clothes. However, that might not be the smartest decision because the days may still be warm.

Autumn is tricky weather when it comes to picking the best outfit for your toddler. You cannot have them in multiple layers, but you also cannot completely strip them all off. There needs to be a balance where your toddler does not feel hot or cold. Suppose you are searching for stylish activewear for your toddler. In that case, The Trendy Toddlers — baby clothes are an excellent place to start.  

Qualities an Autumn Wardrobe Should Have

Typically an autumn wardrobe should contain t-shirts, light jackets, hoodies, and dresses. Since the temperature outside can be unpredictable, it is always best to be prepared. If it rains, the temperature is more likely to drop, which is when the hoodies and jackets would come in handy. On the other hand, if it is sunny, t-shirts and dresses would be more appropriate. 

Other than the various items one can have in their toddler’s autumn wardrobe, all of them should have these qualities.


Whatever item you choose for your toddler in the autumntime should be breathable. There should be adequate air ventilation so that air and heat are not trapped in the clothes making your toddler feel hot. Materials such as cotton, nylon, rayon, and polyester are perfect.

Furthermore, you should also avoid too many layers as that too can reduce the breathability and leave their clothes damp with sweat. Active attire is perhaps the best for autumn wear as it provides adequate air ventilation for your toddler to stay cool throughout the day. 


Since the weather starts warming up in autumn, lightweight clothing is much more suitable. However, the temperature may still drop a few degrees, especially at night, so you should not pack light jackets away as they always come in handy during autumn.

The best clothing items include lightweight joggers and full sleeves t-shirts. You could also opt for half-sleeve t-shirts, but your toddler might get cold and require a light jacket. Therefore, you should always ensure that you have a jacket on hand. 


When dressing your toddler, always make sure that they are comfortable. Their comfort is extremely important because if their clothes are itchy or make them uncomfortable, they will simply refuse to wear them. Such situations can be challenging to handle. 

Therefore, when you are purchasing clothes for your toddler, ensure that they are made of soft fabrics, easy to wash, and suitable to wear outdoors, where your child will most likely be all autumn.


Styles are ever-changing, even for kids. Since kids grow quickly, they outgrow their clothes very frequently and may need new outfits every season. This is a perfect excuse for parents who love fashion to buy new clothes and have their kids dress in the trendiest outfits. 

Furthermore, since the temperature is ever-changing in autumn, there are many stylish outfits that you can pick out for your toddlers. Manufacturers are also mindful of the versatility of autumn outfits and have a wide variety of clothes available for warmer and cooler days. 


Children outgrow their clothes very quickly. Therefore, you mustn’t purchase expensive clothing items that may not even fit in a few months. It can be tempting to buy the most stylish outfits from luxury brands, but it is simply not practical for toddlers who are used to running around, getting their clothes dirty and are in their growing years. 

When you go down the affordable clothes route, you can purchase more clothes and then mix and match them to create new everyday outfits. If you buy expensive clothing, you may set them aside for a special occasion that may never come around, and before you know it, the clothes will become too small. 

Doctor’s Recommendation

Toddlers’ immune systems are still developing, which is why they are more prone to getting sick as compared to older children. Therefore, doctors always advise dressing up toddlers with an extra layer to protect them.

The recommended temperature for toddlers is anywhere around 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Furthermore, for these temperatures, the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests adding another layer of clothing. However, each child is different, and you should always check their neck area for sweat. If they are sweating, removing one layer of clothing is best.


Weather during the autumn season can be a bit unpredictable, and dressing your toddlers appropriately can be a bit of trouble. However, if you are smart about it, you won’t need to carry a mound of clothes with you each time. Ensuring your toddlers’ clothes are comfortable, breathable, and lightweight is the key. Be sure to also bring a light jacket wherever you go!

Kyrie Mattos


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