How to design a restaurant and cafe without the help of a designer?

 July 20, 2022

By  Elle Gellrich

Creating a professional interior designer can be simple and exciting. In this case, a great assistant is a Room Planner.

How to create a project yourself?

You can design a diner or restaurant in a simple way, without having to be a professional architect or designer. You can use:

  • shelves from the catalog to create a bar counter;
  • store counter.

You can change all parameters and create your dream design.

To design the table top and shelves, use the room option and adjust the measurements. Add bar stools to the finished space.

Use a variety of lighting options for a cafe or bar. In addition, you can choose decorative plants and flowers to create a cozy space.

Convenient layout

The convenience of the restaurant affects the overall opinion of the institution. A well-designed layout that takes into account the placement of all zones will have a beneficial effect on the influx of visitors.

Administrator desk. The first thing customers will see when they cross the threshold of your restaurant is the counter, behind which there is an employee escorting guests to the table. This element must necessarily resonate with the overall design if involving and interests customers.

Restaurant hall. Depending on the given concept, the hall can be made in various styles. The main condition is a comfortable fit for visitors and taking into account their preferences. For example, partitions can be installed near some aisles, hiding several tables from public view.

Kitchen. A functional room, often hidden from prying eyes. Here everything should be ordered and systematized. Particular attention in the development of the interior must be given to freedom of movement and placement of equipment in a convenient manner; chefs and their wards cannot huddle in the kitchen, fulfilling urgent orders from restaurant customers. If we are talking about an open kitchen, then the room must be in harmony with the decor of the hall. There should be some similarities in the decor, connecting both rooms with a single thread.

Bar counter. Bright, comfortable, stylish, and functional. If your restaurant is going to have a bar where diners can sip a couple of cocktails while waiting for their table to be free, you need to create an area where the diners feel as comfortable as possible.

Wardrobe. A small room at the entrance to the hall.Simple, concise, and necessarily in harmony with the overall concept.

Second floor. Third or fourth. Today, entire restaurant complexes are relevant, where everyone will find entertainment to their liking. The design of the premises of the other floor may differ from the first hall, so you will create different recreation areas, attracting more customers.

Restroom. The main criterion is convenience and technical equipment. This area should not be visible from the hall, but at the same time be accessible to visitors. Do not forget that a restaurant is also the place where they most often take selfies and post photos on the network. Your customers will appreciate the original design of the ladies’ room and will certainly come to take a picture in a beautiful mirror.

In general, you should create a comfortable, stylish, and modern room where walls, floors, furniture, doors, and other elements will be harmoniously combined.

Don’t forget the decor

Add a “zest” to the interior, evoke the “right” associations, bring a touch of freshness, or complete the overall design of the restaurant – all this can be done with bright, original decor.

You can always replace elements by updating the design. Today – natural materials, plants, and light fabrics on furniture. And tomorrow – subdued ceiling lighting, chamber atmosphere, leather upholstery of sofas in a contrasting color, and high-quality background music.

Furniture selection

All furniture should be combined with the interior of the restaurant. Dining tables, and chairs in the hall. Sofas, armchairs, and soft lighting in the seating area. This is a classic set of furniture that customers choose.

Pay special attention to the material from which the tabletop is made. Granite, natural wood, or polymer materials – these options will shade the interior in different ways and can become a bright accent in the design of the restaurant.

The door handle is the face of the restaurant

Since we are talking about the entrance to the restaurant, it is important to mention the doorknob. If the restaurant does not plan a sliding door, the visitor will grab the doorknob first. This is where he will make the first impression of what is inside. If the door is plastic white and the handle is the same, the visitor’s brain receives a signal – it’s cheap here, without frills. In my opinion, an establishment with a cheap doorknob can be financially successful (for example, if it is fast food at a train station or near a metro station), but never famous. The best option is to make the door handle so that the visitor pays at least a second of attention to it. For example, if it has an interesting shape, bright color, or unusual structure.

Transparent door

An open door to a store or restaurant always attracts visitors, especially if there is a stream of pedestrians nearby. The deaf closed door to the restaurant does not cause a desire to open it, especially if you come for the first time and do not know what is inside. Many cafes and shops generally keep their doors open in the summer so that there is no psychological barrier between the visitor and the door. Therefore, advice: the front door to the restaurant should be transparent. Thus, the illusion of openness arises, the psychological barrier disappears, and the visitor sees through the door of a cozy restaurant hall.


Creating a project of your dream is possible without the participation of a professional designer. The main thing is the desire and use of useful services.

Elle Gellrich


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