How to create a wildly successful online course

 February 19, 2022

By  BC Editorial Team

People are always looking for new content to explore online, especially when it comes to improving their aptitudes or learning something new. An effective way to cater to this rising demand and make a profit is to create and sell an online course.

Sharing your expertise via an online course enables you to position yourself as an authority in the industry, create a community of like-minded people around your brand, and expand your reach. By imparting knowledge, you leave no shadow of a doubt that you’re an expert in the industry. An online course is essential if you’re an entrepreneur because it diversifies your toolbox and works as a business card.

An impactful way to share your knowledge with your public is to provide it through a course that can turn into a lead-generating and money-making resource.

This article overviews the main steps of online course creation.


Choose a subject

Create an online course about something you love. When you’re passionate about a topic, it’s obvious to your public, so try to pick something you have a broad knowledge about and captures your interest. Think about the topics your friends and family come to you for advice, they’re most likely to make successful online courses. When you love the subject, you make the course entertaining and easily capture the public’s attention.

The course topic is in your hands, and it can be anything from knitting to website design.

The main criteria when evaluating the subject are whether your audience wants to learn about it and you. Before working on its content, identify the target audience and determine if there’s a high demand for the topic at hand. Research online to find out how many other courses approach the topic you want to discuss. Having competition means that the public finds the subject helpful and relevant and has a target group to address.

Research the subject

It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert in the sector or just looking to learn more about it, now that you have decided to approach the subject, you need to dive until you know everything about it. Before creating the course, engage in a thorough learning process and go beyond what the public can find on search results. You need to prove to your public that you’re an expert, so go the extra mile and find several sources on the subject. Check everything from webinars to competitor courses and literature. Perform keyword research on search engines to see what queries the users are searching for related to the topic. It can help you understand what questions your public asks.

Make sure to also check subcategories within the field because some people look for specific information. For example, if you want to instruct a course about nutrition, you should also cover the basics of vegetarian and vegan diets, as they’re trending these days. The secret to providing great value is to approach the subject from a unique angle that widens the scope of your course.

Create the outline

Now that you know what subject or subtopic you want to discuss in your course you can develop the outline. Open a document and write down the list of lessons you want to teach, then break each of them into topics. Go in a logical order and ensure all ideas evolve naturally to provide your readers with a smooth and straightforward learning process.

Keep in mind that teaching is about guiding the reader through each idea, following a series of steps. Define objectives for every lesson to identify the steps required to develop the course. Continuing with the nutrition idea from the previous heading, you probably want your readers to identify the main types of diets in one lesson and then recognize the foods specific to each of them in the next.

Don’t forget to include the introduction and conclusion sections to the course and individual lessons to provide the students with complete knowledge. It would be great to add activities and assignments after each lesson to help the newly gained information sink in. All tasks should start with a theoretical discussion, followed by examples and assignments at the end.

Create content for the course

If you already have knowledge or professional experience, you most likely put together some sort of content in the past. Have you written blogs, articles, or other types of content about the topic? Maybe you saved some podcasts and purchased a couple of books to find more about it. Go back to these materials as they’re your best source of information. If you previously created content, you can repurpose it and save a lot of time.

You can create content for your online resource based on the outline and materials you intend to use as inspiration. Most courses come in written or video format, so you should choose the one that best fits your goals.

Create content for each lesson as it suits you. Considering that you have extensive knowledge in the field, you can approach each subject individually and then connect the lessons logically for the student. You can write the content in Word and then convert it to PDF to ensure it suffers no changes when you store or move it from one device to another. Later, you can use a professional tool to rearrange PDF pages and create the complete course.

Bring your online course to the public

Now that the course is ready, it’s the moment to create a platform to share it with your target audience. If you already have a website or blog, you can upload it as a section there. If not, you can create a new page solely for this purpose.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose from several options if you want to sell your online course.

– Individual lessons for purchase

– Channel subscription

– Paid plans

– One-on-one real-time lessons

Provide a sneak peek at the most interesting part of the course to encourage people to purchase the paid version.

Here you have it, how to create a wildly successful online course everyone would want to buy.

BC Editorial Team


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