How To Bet On Football Games Online – Beginners Guide

 August 20, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

Betting can be a tough gig, regardless if you are a beginner or an experienced gambler. In recent years it has become a little bit easier as the betting market has significantly shifted online. Gone are the days of queues outside the bookies on a Saturday. Now everyone has betting from their fingertips which has caused the market to explode more than ever before. Some are still new to this, and it can seem pretty daunting. That’s why we have this guide on how to bet on football games online – the beginners guide.

Choosing your site/app

The first step to any online betting is choosing which company you are going to go with. Of course you can sign up to multiple. Doing so can be useful for getting the best odds on the same event. Choosing which one for you is the first decision you’ll have to make.

Choose the game(s) you are interested in

Once you have the platform you are going to be using, you now must decide which game or games that you are interested in and will be betting on. Often beginners will follow promotions and bet on specials as they seem enticing offers given by betting companies. Nine times out of ten, these promotions are the best way for bookies to make money. The odds are poor and the outcome is unlikely. Instead, it’s better to visit more obscure and different leagues and teams. By betting on different things from other people, you are maximising your chance of getting the most bang for your buck.

Do you research

Before you delve into some obscure league such as the Hungarian B League, you will want to do your research. Doing adequate research and working out the best probability for any given circumstance is the best way to maximise profit.

Choose from the extensive market

In a similar vein to exploring more obscure leagues and teams, you may want to also delve into more obscure types of bets. Large accumulators full of match result bettings offer great odds, but almost never return winnings. Instead why not have a look at bet-builder or bet with three selections and combine more niche bet types. The beauty of the online betting market nowadays is you can literally bet on anything from results, cards, corners and goalscorers. Exploring some of the different bet types will increase your chance of getting more from your bet.

Bet in-play

Unlike in the past, nowadays, you can follow the game from your phone. With online betting you can gain constant updates and changes allowing easy access to in-play betting. This gives you an exciting option of sticking bets on whenever. Say you have been watching the big game on Super Sunday and you fancy a team to have a big second half, you can easily bet on it online.

Cash out

Betting online also means you can cash out at any given point. This is ideal for when you have put a multiple bet on and are just waiting for one result which is looking increasingly unlikely. Often bookies will place a cash out price on the bet which means you can end the bet early for a set amount of money. This will be a fraction of the original winnings promised but it will mean that you walk away with some money rather than nothing at all.

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