How to Adorn Yourself With Exquisite Layered Jewelry

 July 15, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

Jewelry is fun, and the best part is to figure out innovative ways to layer your favorite pieces. Correctly layering your jewelry can help you make a bold and chic statement. Sometimes, a single piece of jewelry is not enough to pull off your outfit, so it becomes imperative to select jewelry pieces with a common element or a contrast to deliver that perfect look.

It’s an art to be adept in layering jewelry, which is why many people seek professional advice or refer to jewelry shows on tv to be a pro at it. Luckily, we’ve got some tips and techniques to get you acquainted with the basics of layering – be it necklaces, bracelets, or rings.

How to Layer Your Jewelry With Perfection

Layering jewelry doesn’t mean that you can just throw on every piece of adornment you possess on yourself. Rather, it requires an articulate selection of jewelry with different lengths, placement, and thickness.

Here is a guide to creating that perfect look so that your jewelry always looks chic:

1. Choose a Common Element

If you are an amateur at wearing layered jewelry, then you must go for a similar style and aesthetic so that all pieces belong together.

Pick jewelry that shares a common theme or element. You can choose pieces of the same metal, similarly shaped charms, or the same type of gemstones. For example, you can go for all gold jewelry or all silver rings to beautify your hands.

Tanzanite jewelry is a good choice for a formal evening. This look is more dramatic, wherein you can layer a traditional ring with a contemporary studded design and style.

2. Opt for a Mix ’n’ Match

A mix and match of metals and materials can add some playfulness to your overall ensemble. However, you can still achieve cohesion if all pieces feature the same gemstone, such as blending gold and silver jewelry embellished with pearls.

You can also choose a similar shape if mixing metals. For example, you can go for heart-shaped designs in rose gold and white gold pieces. Adding a standout piece made from elite shungite jewelry will bring some edge to the final look.

3. Mix Weights

You definitely wouldn’t want all of your jewelry to look the same! So, to add some spice to your look, you can try jewelry pieces with different weights.

Try pairing a thin necklace with a heavy, chunky pendant or a beaded bracelet with a larger wooden bangle. You could also stack chain-link bracelets and slender cuffs over a diamond-encrusted watch.

4. Balance Your Look

When layering jewelry, you should neither overdo your look nor focus on just a single area. While adorning several styles of necklaces, make it balanced by wearing a single bracelet and a ring. Similarly, stick to a light chain if stacking your arms with attractive bracelets.

5. Style Your Layered Jewelry With the Appropriate Outfit and Accessories

Layered jewelry matches with certain outfits. You can go for a mix of rings, chains, and bracelets with an everyday ensemble like jeans and a t-shirt and jeans. An officewear professional look is a perfect canvas for subtle pieces of jewelry to give that sophisticated look. You can also opt for a unique pendant or statement earrings.

Embolden your look for fancier occasions like a formal party, wherein you can try heavy sets, bold earrings, cocktail rings, and colorful bracelets. You can dazzle yourself with a variety of diamonds, gemstones, and rhinestones or experiment with asymmetrical or sculptural shapes for a distinctive look.

Carrying the perfect handbag or clutch, wearing a watch, and hair accessories also need to be carefully selected.

How to Layer Necklaces

Let us look at the various styles of wearing layered necklaces.

You can try them in different lengths to stagger them. Start with a choker that falls high on your neckline or a mid-length necklace that will go down a couple of inches. You can try sterling silver chains in varying lengths, which also eliminates the problem of tangled necklaces.

You can also try a shungite necklace paired with silver that is guaranteed to look chic. Adjust your pendants with central charms, especially if necklaces are similar in length. You can use solid, heavy, and chunky necklaces to create a collar effect, drawing attention to your face.

You can opt for a boat neck, high neck, or scoop neck top to match with those layered necklaces.

How to Layer Bracelets

You must keep it simple when layering bracelets, so it should be limited to only one wrist. If you are not comfortable keeping the other wrist bare, consider wearing a delicate bracelet to avoid creating a busy look.

When stacking your bracelets on, it is suggested to vary the thickness and shape. For example, you can combine thin shungite bracelets with a heavy cuff, or pair square-shaped bangles with round ones.

Experimenting with different textures can have incredible appeal, too – don’t shy away from mixing materials like beads, pearls, gemstones, and metals.

You can also incorporate your favorite watch with the stack, preferably in the common element, color, or material as your bracelets.

How to Layer Rings

Layering rings means that you can spread the rings out across your fingers or wear multiple pieces on a single finger to maximize the impact.

For example, if you’d like to wear a single ring on your index finger, consider wearing a pinky or thumb ring to add more personality to your look. To make a stylish statement, you can adorn both your hands with multiple rings.

You can adjust the placement by varying them. Play around with different sizes and shapes, pair them with a stunning bracelet, or stick to an oversized cocktail ring to exhibit a more eclectic feel.


The world of jewelry is constantly transforming with global fashion. Therefore, if you want to look your best at all times, you must endeavor to keep abreast with the latest trends and innovations, including layered jewelry.

Wearing and layering jewelry is a piece of strategic art. When you use it consistently and effectively, you can adorn yourself with beautiful embellishments in various styles.

BC Editorial Team


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