How Technology will Change the Future of iGaming

 January 28, 2022

By  BC Editorial Team

The gambling industry suffered a serious loss when the coronavirus hit, placing the future of the industry at risk. Many land-based casinos were forced to shut their doors and some never recovered from the loss. But, where doors were shut physically, digital ones were opening in the form of online casinos and sportsbooks.

The boom was remarkable and swift, and players adapted quickly to playing from home rather than any building. With this came a shift in technology, with the industry adapting to a market that is very similar to its own – always innovating and dynamic.

The iGaming industry provides a variety of choices for anyone who chooses to play – and the constant shift to keep up with the latest in popular culture and technology shows in how the market has grown and the revenue it has pulled. In 2021, it crossed the billion-dollar threshold and is showing no signs of stopping.

Online casino games, in particular, tend to be the most favored amongst new players and is probably where the most technological innovation will occur. Let us see what gamers can look forward to in terms of technology at online betting sites now and in the future.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Although the name is somewhat confusing, what IoT does is most certainly not. In a nutshell, several devices are able to connect and communicate with one another by utilizing an internet connection. This has the potential to level up the online gambling industry in a massive way, creating accessibility and ease with which players can wager on many devices.

Not only that, but analyzing data will show how users respond to the site, and previous games or patterns will be remembered on every device they own and choose to play with.


The influence of cryptocurrency on the world and online gaming cannot be ignored, despite it still being quite new and more than a little confounding to those who aren’t technologically inclined. Nevertheless, it is growing and being used as a form of banking and payment more and more, especially in the digital sphere.

Said to be even more advanced than Bitcoin, blockchain works off of decentralization, which means its authority belongs to a distributed network as opposed to an individual. Using this technology can create a safe environment not only for the players but the gaming developers and companies as well.

This also means that with more security in place, jackpots have the potential to be even bigger, as their sites will be well protected.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Casino software providers have recognized that the iGaming community wants to have as immersive an experience as possible when gambling – keeping them entertained and playing for longer.

Virtual reality has been around for over 100 years, but has really started making a comeback in 3D form, with action movies specifically, and has always been around when it comes to online video gaming. The industry saw this and wasted no time in creating games that have some element of virtual, augmented, or mixed reality in them, creating a ‘real’ casino look and feel.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Similarly, AI is not new to science and technology, but online casinos have latched onto the benefits of incorporating AI into iGaming, and are constantly working to incorporate it on their sites.

AI  was developed to study human patterns and behavior, learn from them, and respond accordingly. Thus, it could be used to determine patterns of players and predict their future gambling, keeping them loyal to a certain site and improving engagement on every level.

Mobile Accessibility

Already firmly entrenched in the online gaming world, mobile devices continue to get safer, more reliable, and with spectacularly graphic and audio quality. The seamless transition from a desk or laptop to a device that can be carried around, will result in higher traffic across online casino sites.

The advent of 5G technology means cloud gaming will be an option, therefore removing the strain on the actual device, and making connectivity even quicker. This also means that players will no longer need to own high-end devices in order to try their hand at online casinos and sports betting.


Technological improvements are naturally the future of the iGaming industry because it is in the digital world – a world that is constantly evolving and pioneering change. It will also help developers and sites understand what their customers want, how better to provide it, and make their experience a personalized one.

BC Editorial Team


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