How Tech Can Improve the Experience of College Students

 October 8, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

Technology can enhance the experience of college students in many ways. Most of today’s college students are digital natives and are comfortable using apps and other online tools to enhance their learning. Technology can also help them in other areas of their lives as well. However, it’s up to educators and administrators to help them access these tools and get the maximum benefits from them.


On one hand, most students are comfortable in tech environments. On the other, administrators and educators should not assume that this means that they don’t need any training on the tech at use throughout the university. There should be plenty of opportunities for them to get help with various types of software, with how to do research in the library and with any other systems they are expected to be familiar with during their time on campus. These trainings should be short and focused and should be offered at various times throughout the day to accommodate a variety of student schedules and needs.


More and more campus resources are being devoted to helping students with mental health issues. Ideally, these resources should allow them to access medical care efficiently, and this is where telehealth can be useful for those who are spending their first time being away from home and struggling with problems like depression and anxiety. They may be more comfortable with this approach to seeking care. It also allows them to seek help outside of regular on-campus clinic hours. You can read more about how telehealth is one of several options that can support mental health on campus.

Changing Learning

A large part of the overall evolution of tech is that it’s changing how education can be delivered at every level, and college is no exception. Of course, one of the most widespread changes is the rise of online classes, which has made getting a degree far more accessible. But there are many other ways that the learning environment is changing. For example, virtual reality and augmented reality are making their way into more and more classrooms, allowing students to visualize more vividly everything from human anatomy to mechanical objects and more.


There are many different ways that tech can improve management on campus. Universities can gather more data on students and their preferences and use that information to better deliver the services that they need. It can also play a big role in various types of security. This includes both physical security, which can involve such systems as locks that are digitally coded, and virtual security, such as mobile device management systems that make it possible to manage networks settings and passcodes and remotely wipe devices if necessary.

Engage Students

Work directly with students to find out what they want and need. This is not just the best way to get buy-in but also the best way to ensure that your university’s time and money are being put to the most helpful and efficient use. Students can be part of the process of designing and implementing the tech structures that will aid them and those coming up behind them in their years at the university.

BC Editorial Team


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