How Influencer buy likes and followers on IG – 7 Best Sites

 September 22, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

When it comes to social reputation and recognition, Instagram comes first. It is an amazing social media platform where you can promote your online business. You can build a group of like-minded people interested in your content. That way, you can build your online presence and improve business to a great extent.

However, improving the number of likes and followers can be stressful. Instead of spending too much time building your presence, you can buy likes and followers for your Instagram account from reliable sources at reasonable rates. As a result, it helps you improve your credibility and garner social proof. Here are the seven best sites for buying Instagram followers and likes.

Best Instagram Likes Brands 2021

The 7 best sites to buy Instagram likes from (according to TheJerusalemPost)

1. SocialNinja – (Cheap and fast)

If you are looking to buy Instagram likes & followers, SocialNinja is the best site that you should try. Moreover, the site is very popular among people. SocialNinja provides a kind of organic growth for your Instagram account, which is necessary for your business to grow.

SocialNinja makes your profile stand out from the rest. As a result, you can harness the benefits from algorithms set by the social media platform. What’s interesting about SocialNinja is that it provides you with monthly packages with rates that are cheaper compared to the others.

Moreover, it provides you with real followers who will help you improve your visibility. SocialNinja aims to manage your profile with high engagement so that the algorithm ranks your content on search results. That way, your Instagram profile gets maximum visibility and gathers attention from plenty of users. And, the results start to pour in within a short timeframe.

2. GrowLikes – (Best for engagement instantly)

Instant deliveries are something that people want. And, the same thing goes with buying likes and followers on Instagram. However, if you are reluctant to get things done instantly, GrowLikes is what you need. This site helps you buy premium and genuine likes from active users.

So, if you are planning to increase the visibility of your Instagram account and make your posts trend instantly, GrowLikes guarantees fast delivery of the same. Now, imagine the impact on your profile when your posts receive a massive amount of likes. With GrowLikes, your dream becomes a reality.

Buying likes from GrowLikes is better than spending months building your online presence. And, it gets the job done within a few days. GrowLikes delivers likes from genuine user accounts and provides you with the engagement that you have been dreaming of. You can never go wrong when you buy likes from GrowLikes, which is a renowned site and loved by many people.

3. SocialFellow – (Great for increasing followers)

Of all the other social media platforms, Instagram works differently. You have to build your credibility first and everything falls in line with it. That way, other users will find your content and profile attractive and interesting. As a result, it produces more likes, views, and comments. Your credibility increases and this attracts even more users.

And, a time comes when you have an abundance of followers on your profile. So, if you are thinking of something like that, go ahead and buy followers from SocialFellow. They have intuitive services that you don’t want to miss out on. This site allows you to purchase followers for your Instagram account.

The best part is that you get real Instagram followers who are active as well. SocialFellow improves your ranking by placing your profile higher. Apart from that, you don’t even have to provide login information. That way, you can have peace of mind about your Instagram account being hacked.

4. SocialCircle

It is another great site that allows you to buy authentic likes, followers, and comments for your Instagram profile. SocialCircle provides its users with different kinds of plans specific to their needs such as small businesses, influencers, start-ups, and so on. All you have to do is choose a package that fits your demands and budget.

Apart from instant likes, you get unique comments from their services as well. The site makes sure that you receive genuine comments from other users. SocialCircle even promotes your old posts. The checkout process is easy and they don’t even need your personal information or secret password.

5. GrownMedia

As said, it is not an easy task to grow your Instagram profile. You have to create fresh content by spending hours and hours regularly, respond to the comments, and try to improve your posts. Rather than doing all the stuff by yourself, you can buy Instagram likes and comments from GrownMedia.

This website provides you with actual followers and likes. So, if you are eager to increase your profile’s engagement faster, GrownMedia is the way to go. They helped many users reach their goals. A dedicated team of professionals improves your credibility and visibility among users worldwide.

6. Instamighty

Yes, you have heard it right. As the name goes, so does their performance. This site is popular for delivering mighty services to users who are looking for genuine likes, views, and comments on their Instagram profiles. Moreover, you don’t need to wait for a long time to get the results.

The site boosts engagement within minutes on your profile. They have intuitive services for all kinds of users and are available at reasonable prices. Now you can grow your Instagram account with Instamighty. The site ensures that your account continues to grow without slowing down.

7. IGScial

When it comes to faster delivery and effectiveness of the services, IGScial is a popular choice by many users. IGScial is a legitimate website where you can buy followers for your Instagram account without hesitation. Moreover, you can buy comments and likes to improve engagement as well.

When you buy from IGScial, you get organic engagement and followers instead of automated bots or spammers. While using the services, anything related to your privacy won’t get compromised. This site works wonders to improve your credibility by providing you with genuine, active profiles perfect for your profile.

Tips for buying Instagram Likes discreetly

Only buy likes from reliable providers. You should choose the number of followers and likes according to the plan that fits your profile. Share relevant posts that you would like the website to make viral. Finally, make the payment for the plan you choose.

Signs of unreal or fake followers

Look out for the indications below:

  • Minimal profile information
  • Generic comments
  • The involvement rate is either high or low
  • Very little or no posts on the account
  • Follow to follower ratio isn’t balanced. If the account follows a lot of users but doesn’t have many followers, it’s a fake profile

What is a good Like Follower Ratio for Instagram?

An engagement rate anywhere from 1% to 3% is good. However, if it is more than 3%, this could mean that other users are interested in your posts and find them engaging. And, if it’s less than 1%, it means your users are paying less attention to your posts. An average of 1% is a great engagement rate.

Risks of purchasing Instagram likes & followers

Sites that provide illegitimate services can give you a bad engagement rate. Instagram may remove your profile if the algorithm detects fake likes and followers. Buying fake likes and followers won’t help you grow. You may have plenty of followers but businesses might not associate with you. That’s because companies now have the expertise to find out the fake accounts by evaluating the engagement rates

Tips for growing your IG account organically

  • Post regularly
  • Increase your engagement time with your audience
  • Try to invest in content production
  • Run contests and promotions for your audience
  • Direct your followers on other social media platforms to your Instagram account
  • Work with other influencers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will Instagram delete fake followers?

Yes, Instagram will delete fake followers instantly. The platform work against automated bots used for following others and commenting on posts by deleting them forever.

Likes or followers, which one is better?

An increased number of followers is a positive sign on Instagram. Whenever your profile hits 1000 followers, monetizing your account becomes easy. And, you can earn a decent amount of money. But, engagement helps you to build credibility and improves your rank both in terms of profile and posts. Your posts will get rewards for their exposure and engagement.

Do likes matter on Instagram?

Both likes and comments are very important on Instagram because they have a crucial role in the ranking. So, the more likes your posts receive, the better will be your chances for exposure.

How do you get 1k followers on Instagram?

  1. Create and optimize your profile
  2. Make relevant content specific to your niche
  3. Set a definite time for posting content
  4. Create amazing and shareable content
  5. Consistent brand voice is a must
  6. Make good use of the hashtags to optimize your posts


Influencers, brands, and companies want more exposure and build their online visibility. Instagram is an emerging platform to promote your brand. However, the competition is stiff, and buying authentic likes and followers provides the boost you need.

BC Editorial Team


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