How do Retail Shops Maximize their Contactless Shop Operations during the COVID-19 Outbreak?

 June 24, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

As our normal means of shopping are disrupted when the Coronavirus outbreak spreads across the world, wholesale and retail shops are forced to operate their shops in a safe and COVID-free operating means.

For them to ensure their staff and customers’ safety, a new form of shopping norm is introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic period.

And this new shopping form is called contactless shopping, where shoppers shop in a socially distanced manner and try to avoid any physical interaction with the shop’s personnel.

This shopping norm is may not be new for other brands, but its implementation coincides with the people’s need to continue with their shopping habits in a safe yet convenient way.

Going Contactless with QR codes

As convenience and safety are some of the concerns retail shops have to make when changing their customers’ means for shopping, going contactless requires a specific tool to get it properly working.

With many of the modern technological tools considered like the use of traditional barcodes, RFID and NFC, one tool stood their criteria for offering a contactless shopping experience for customers without spending more on the tech itself.

And the technology they consider is QR codes, where the tech is relatively cheap and can be created using a QR code generator online.

By incorporating the use of this technology, companies that physically operate a contactless business have an easy and convenient

How do Retail Shops Maximize their Contactless Shop Operations?

With the retail shops’ implementation of the contactless shopping norm during the COVID-19 outbreak, here are 4 shopping experience changes that retail shops are incorporating to maximize their contactless shop operations.

Shop check-ins

One of the shopping experiences that changes the way retail shoppers shop with their favorite retail shop is the additional step they need to comply with like the shop check-ins.

The shop check-ins require shoppers to enter their contact information and last location as a shop’s compliance for further contact tracing measures.

And for them to not make the adding shopping step look dragging for customers, retail shop owners can incorporate the use of a Google Form QR code to house their online contact tracing survey forms.

By just placing the QR code at the window or reception area of their shop, the customers can easily and input their information in one go.

Contactless item scrolling

With the virus spreading from one person to another, letting the customer touch or hold the item longer is now discouraged for retail shops. Because of that, retailers are now implementing new contactless means for shoppers to view the product at a distance by just letting them scan the code and view the product image with other information.

Cashless purchasing

As it is highly discouraged by the CDC to accept things that are usually handled by many people, retail shops are now incorporating cashless purchases for their customers.

Drive-thru item collection

Since some shoppers will not take the risk of shopping inside a physical store, retailers are finding new ways to encourage their shoppers to still shop with them amidst the pandemic.

And with it, they formed a new shopping means that can revolutionize the way people shop in a retail store by copying the fast-food restaurants’ means of selling food to their customers which is the drive-thru item collection.


As going contactless is the only way retail shops have to incorporate to continue their business during the pandemic, their struggle on how to implement them becomes evident.

But as not making sales scares them more, adapting to technology becomes their only option to successfully place a safe and convenient shopping for them. Thanks to the availability of a QR code generator with a logo online, retailers can now maximize their contactless retail shop operations by simply creating QR codes that can house all their contactless shopping services like shop check-ins, item scrolling, and more.

BC Editorial Team


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