How Current Economy Is Affecting US Politics

 May 19, 2020

By  BC Editorial Team

Since the hit of the COVID-19 pandemic, the US economy has suffered heavily. Huge loss of lives and jobs has left a question mark on Trump’s future as a President. Thousands of daily wagers and small businesses are suffering and many more industries will continue to suffer as the pandemic persists.

According to resources, the COVID-19 will strike back once again in the fall of 2020, hence making the future of employment and normal social life still unpredictable. The entire scenario building up is definitely affecting the political environment of the United States.

Trump v/s Biden: An Analysis

With the elections around the corner and democrats using COVID-19 as an excuse to bring down Trump’s efforts to build the economy, many people have their hearts shifted towards Biden this time. Since his first day in office, President Trump has taken steps that displeased many humanitarian politicians in both Republicans and Democrats parties.

However, Trump has never given his actions a second thought, not when he mocked Greta for her environmental concerns and not even when the CDC tried presenting him with a COVID-19 mitigation plan. Trump always finds a reason to justify his policies and tries to get away with them.

It has also been observed that President Trump can go as far as making false claims to bring his competitors down. Amidst one of the worst historical crises whose full impact is yet to unfold itself, it is very likely that people prefer and vote for the more agreeable Joe Biden than irrational and erratic Trump.

While Trump presents himself as an unpredictable and non-serious President, Joe Biden always speaks from a place of empathy and favors policies that help elevate the poor. His poised manner and humane policies have already won him the favor of many. Biden knows how to keep his cool and has always been vocal about his disapproval of Trump’s economic policies, especially the taxes which Biden felt were more directed towards the poor than the rich.

This brief analysis of the two Presidential candidates sets the tone for the rest of their campaign and it is influenced by the worsening economic condition. People do not lose trust in their beloved candidate in one night.

It takes a series of wrong steps and a defensive attitude to put one in that place. Trump, unfortunately, has done both. At first, he is known for making bizarre remarks and taking stubborn stands on issues that require more understanding and wisdom and then he becomes not only defensive but also accusatory to defend his mistakes.

On the other hand, Biden has been playing his cards very wisely until now and has been winning the praise from important senators, past Presidents, and all renowned persons gradually.

The difference between the conduct of two clearly indicates who will be favored when the economy goes bad and who will not be given a second chance. given their rude nature and immature policies.

The Economic Conditions And Their Impact On Each Candidate’s Campaign

According to recent statistics, almost ten million Americans have filed for unemployment claims. Many political experts are comparing these numbers to war-times. While Trump’s administration is doing its best to facilitate people in this crisis, it is evident that taking care of so many unemployed citizens for longer periods of time with no real economic activity going on is definitely going to hurt the economy.

According to other sources, many government officials have been working without salaries and around 800,000 of them have been granted a leave of absence. A total of 4 million contractors and other industrial workers would be affected by this ongoing pandemic. While all of this is going on where each day adds to more uncertainty, Biden and Trump’s run for the Presidential race did not remain unaffected.

All of the above-mentioned scenarios have their own impacts on Presidential Election candidates and the campaign. For Trump, bad economic conditions mean that him winning the future presidencies is in doubt whereas these conditions would probably work out in favor of Joe Biden. This is because people are tired of Trump’s non-serious attitude on matters of grave concern and the damage caused by it.

According to sources, any people believed that Trump delayed America’s response to COVID-19 purposefully based on his selfish whims and pride. If Trump was a little more vigilant, the current economic and medical situation could have been avoided easily. Similarly, Joe Biden and his team’s mature and realistic economic policies which are not just based on impulses and whims but rather on futuristic views for empowering every American to achieve their dreams are likely to b easily favored.

The takeaway for Trump from the present situation would be listening to other people’s advice, acting out on time, and being a little more responsible towards the duties to the state. For Biden, however, things would be a lot easier and he would be advised to stay vigilant and have a concrete mitigation plan to get the economy back on the track post-coronavirus once he wins the elections. Alternatively, he must also be able to deal with economic conditions if the lockdown prolongs and is followed through to the next year’s first trimester.


President Trump is, without doubt, losing popularity to Joe Biden. This is because he is a one-man army, who despite having so many institutions and people to turn to for advice and help does not take advantage of those and makes decisions on his own will. His personal biases and child-like attitude has led America into the dark pit of rising death tolls and bad economic conditions.

As mentioned above, many experts call these times a replica of war times where the economy goes bad, the public is insecure and everything is uncertain. All of this could have been avoided, had Mr. Trump paid heed to what the professionals had to say just like South Korea did. South Korea had one of the best and most managed responses to COVID-19 and they held their elections under strict social distancing protocols but President Trump has still not really woken up from his deep sleep of erratic behavior and thus, continues to put his future as a President in question.

BC Editorial Team


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