How Can You Make Your Life Partner Feel Truly Special? 

 August 14, 2020

By  BC Editorial Team

We can get so busy in our work routine that we might forget to make time for our better halves. Being invested in other stuff can make it difficult to do special things for one another and maintain a healthy relationship. No matter how understanding your partner is, there are days when they will expect you to be more available for them, especially when they are having a bad week due to some problems at work or any other issue. However, it is necessary to take out some time and use it to make your partner feel special in order to keep your marriage happy and lively.

One of the many ways to ensure that you are giving your partner enough attention is to understand what they want from you and to be there for them when they don’t feel the best. You must bear in mind that to maintain a long-lasting marriage, both parties have to make efforts and go the extra mile for one another when required.

Here we have discussed 7 Ways To Make Your Life Partner Feel Special:

Be There Biggest Support

Support matters a lot, especially when it is coming from someone you love! Being married to someone makes you responsible for being there for them when they need you. Sometimes it can indeed become difficult; however, even if you do it 5/10 times, it counts!

Being the ultimate support of your partner makes them feel more comfortable and happier with you. It feels great to have your better half discussing things and life goals with you just because they know no matter what happens; they will have your support. It is like being their emergency helpline.

No matter how big is their friend circle or how much of a social person they are, your support will mean the world to them. This will bring you both closer as they will see you as a reason behind their every success and accomplishment. However, support is not only limited to helping them achieve something big, but you can also help them in housework, cooking dinner, doing the laundry, and other house chores. It will make you a considerate and kind partner in their eyes.

Gifts Can Help

Marriage is about emotions and feelings, and it is wrong to make it about materialistic things, but still, to make your partner feel special and wanted, you can give them presents, and they don’t even have to be big ones. You can show up at their office with their favorite flowers just to make their day, or cook their favorite dishes before they get home after a tiring day. You do not have to wait all year long for giving them gifts on your anniversary or their birthday. You can make every day special by putting a little bit effort just for the sake of your marriage.

Of course, you do not have to force this upon yourself and start buying gifts every day, as it will negatively affect the charm of giving and receiving gifts. And slowly, you will feel like giving a gift is not making that big of a difference. Remember to keep things at a moderate pace and do not rush. Making your partner happy is a lifelong process, and you cannot just choose to do it one day in a month and expect them to feel happy for the rest of the month.

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Become Their Source of Motivation

In a marriage, it is better to grow together. Build your home together, and motivate each other to grow as a person as well. At times, when your partner is feeling low, you must take charge and become their much-needed motivation. Tell them how you adore them and their abilities to manage things regardless of how difficult the situation is. Keep encouraging them to do to better, however never criticize them if they unintentionally end up doing something you don’t like.

Tell Them They Are Wanted

If you ever get a chance to tell them how amazing they are and that hoe much you are grateful to have them in your life, never miss it. We repeat. NEVER. Your partner expects you to let them know how much you want them, even if they have never told you this, deep down every person has this desire to know they are wanted and loved. It is not enough to just marrying one another for making your love a success; you have to work for it. And you have to keep working even if you are old and grey.

Compliment Them More Often

Compliments are a great way of showing your person that you notice them every day, even on the weekend, when they are walking around the house in their pajamas or shorts. They help the other person believe that marriage, no matter how old it gets, can be lively and healthy just by doing small things for your partner.

Never Let Them Down

If your partner is determined to do something that they feel is the right thing to do, it is your duty as a partner to stand with them. Do not let them down in front of the world by abandoning them or hurting their expectations. Be the first one they turn to when they need support.

There is a thinking that after a few years of being married, couples slowly lose interest in one another, and things start to change; in short, they lose their spark. However, if you know and understand what needs to be done, you can become an example for all the couples out there that even decades-old marriages can be healthy and happy.

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Be Considerate About Their Needs

Sometimes, we get so full of ourselves that we overlook the fact that our partner has certain needs. They could be materialistic, emotional, or even sexual. Instead of putting your needs and happiness on top, be considerate about them and their needs. It will make them feel wanted and important. While couples are vocal about most of their needs, sexual needs are something you got to figure out, if your partner is shy. Go the extra mile to satisfy your partner, even if you have to employ new techniques, like the use of sex-oriented tools, a glass dildo being a common example. Your partner may be too shy to tell you what she likes, so spice things up! All of this can only be possible if you are considerate towards all their needs!

Learn To Sacrifice

It is normal for relationships to have problems. However, what matters is how you both solve your issues. Sit down and discuss it with them and help them understand what other ways they can opt for doing things. Or tell them how happy you would have felt if they have done something in any other way. Make sacrifices wherever you can to make your partner happy.

The more often you make your partner feel special, the more rejoiced your relationship will be. It’s not the money you spend, but the emotions you do small things that count.

BC Editorial Team


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