How Can a Property Manager Help You with Your Vacation Rental?

 June 1, 2022

By  Kyrie Mattos

There are many areas across the country people enjoy visiting for holidays and vacations. When vacationing, tourists need a place to stay. Some tourists opt for a simple hotel stay. However, some tourists prefer the warm and comfortable experience of a furnished home. Owning vacation rentals can be a very lucrative investment in these popular areas.

What is a Vacation Rental?

A vacation rental is a home, apartment, or condo that is rented out to tourists on a daily or weekly basis. Individuals can rent a fully furnished home to enjoy their vacation instead of a cold hotel room. These rental properties can be very lucrative but require management for your vacation condo or home.

For those who live in the area where their vacation rental is located, maintaining the property may not be a major challenge. However, if the property owner does not live in the area, it can be very difficult to provide the care and services required to keep a vacation property clean, comfortable, and rented.

Property Management

There are property management companies that offer services to help with vacation rental properties. For a fee, a property management company can provide all the necessary services needed to run a safe and successful vacation rental. These services include:


Before anyone can rent a vacation property, they must first know it exists. A property management company will place, monitor, and update listings for the property on various rental websites or even maintain its own website for renting the property.

In addition to maintaining a listing, the company will also advertise the site and listing in various other venues. The company may even offer SEO services. These services ensure a simple search of the vacation location will bring that property up in the search results.

Customer Service

The property management company will also maintain the listing and the property pricing. Throughout the year, the popularity of a vacation destination fluctuates. The property management company will provide pricing for the unit based on whether it is peak season or the off season to ensure the maximum return on the investment.

The property management company also interacts directly with customers. They will answer any questions and provide any information needed to ensure a smooth transaction. The management team will even handle payments and fees for the property.


Between each rental period, the property will need to be cleaned and maintained to ensure guests are comfortable during their stay. The management company will provide these services for the property to save time and effort for the property owner.

Often, these companies employ a team of maids, gardeners, and other personnel to handle the regular cleaning and maintenance of the home and yard. They will even offer handyman services in case a problem arises during the rental period. If a guest has an issue, it is the property management team that will handle the call.


As with anything, time and use will cause things to break down or need to be replaced at the vacation rental. Owners who are not in the area may find repairing these problems a challenge. However, a property management company can provide this service.

The team will provide regular care to the property to ensure it is always in good condition for each rental period. If repairs are necessary, they will handle the process. Of course, any major work on the home will be performed only with prior approval from the property owner.

Owning a vacation property can be a great investment. When utilizing the services of a reliable property management company, it can quickly become a stress-free source of income.

Kyrie Mattos


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