How Brands Are Incorporating Skincare into Makeup to Stay in Vogue?

 October 11, 2022

By  Elle Gellrich

The beauty industry forever advertised its products on women who had flawless skin. However, the industry nowadays is incorporating ingredients that make women actually look flawless. With constant pressure on women to look youthful for a long time, the trend of ‘clean’ beauty has surfaced. Clean beauty is simply glowing natural skin with minimal makeup. Thus, the bridge between the two industries is narrowing.

Brands Taking the Leap

Several brands in the USA, Canada, South Korea, Europe, and India are making skincare-inclusive makeup. The marketing idea is to give the customer a 2-in-1 product so that they don’t go to other companies for their skincare. Companies in the West are inclined towards making the products very inclusive of satisfying all of their customers’ needs. Canada has multiple companies from other economic sectors, which are inclusive apart from the makeup and skincare industries. This includes the online gambling industry with the top Canadian online casinos as well.

This article lists some of the top beauty brands from all over the world which have successfully incorporated skincare into their products.

The Ordinary

Originally launched as a skincare line, The Ordinary is owned by a Canadian company named Deciem. Its products are formulated with highly researched ingredients like niacinamide, ceramides, squalene, hyaluronic acid, etc. After the worldwide success of the skincare products because of its ‘clean’ ingredient list and lower prices, the line has extended to making tinted foundation, concealers, and primers. The brand markets its products to be used together: the skincare followed by the makeup to reach that flawless ‘clean girl’ look.

Harkoi Life

Harkoi Life is an Indian skincare brand that has launched a line of tinted sunscreen with eight different shades specifically made for all shades of Indian skin. It works as a primer, sunscreen, and skin tint with a power of SPF 30. Their sunscreens can thus be used as multi-purpose products.


This is a brand that has been around for a good long time. One of their fundamental principles is that their products are created by dermatologists. Clinique has released a tinted moisturizer in 5 shades with 25 SPF, a CC cream color corrector with SPF 30, and a tinted primer with SPF 50. One of the most trusted beauty brands, Clinique’s products keep up with the new trends and have prioritized results over everything else.

Faces Canada

Another Canadian brand with a global heritage, Faces Canada brings to its customers a tinted moisturizer and a sun-defense CC cream with SPF 50. The company prides itself on being cruelty-free. So, if you are an animal lover, this globally trusted brand can be your go-to for multi-purpose skin products though you might find a shorter range of skin shades.

Rare Beauty

Keeping the best for last, Selena Gomez came forward with Rare Beauty incorporating effective skincare with the largest range of skin shades of any brand on the planet. Rare Beauty’s tinted moisturizer provides mild coverage, SPF 20, and comes in a whopping 24 shades. Besides skincare and beauty products, Rare Beauty has also launched the Rare Impact Ambassador Program, which aims at destigmatizing mental health issues.

Where is the Cosmetic Industry Leading?

Along with the brands mentioned above, Bare Minerals, Laura Mercier, and Fenty Beauty deserve mention. The way the beauty industry is moving ahead with a medical approach along with makeup is a commendable step forward. Decades ago, makeup was used with the primary goal of ‘hiding’ oneself as the beauty industry created and attacked insecurities among women all over the world. Women all over the world have fought against makeup brands, raised their voices, and disagreed with beauty standards, so much so that brands have had to reshape their non-inclusive marketing and promote kindness to stay in business. Today, the clean beauty trend promotes self-love and acceptance of one’s natural self. A ‘clean’ beauty regimen is not just about good ingredients but the entire process is considered therapeutic. Self-love has become in vogue.

Elle Gellrich


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