Here Are The Reasons Why You Must Play Trials Of Osiris In ‘Destiny 2’

 November 14, 2023

By  BC Editorial Team

The Trials of Osiris is said to be among the most rewarding activities you can do as you play “Destiny 2,” a free-to-play online first-person shooter video game from the minds of game developer Bungie. In Trials of Osiris, losses are not heavily punished, rewards are overflowing, and its playlist features matchmaking for both solo and duo players.

In this article, you will be introduced to the top reasons why you should consider playing Trials of Osiris in “Destiny 2,” and the help you can get to be at your best through the gameplay with a Trials of Osiris flawless boost. Let’s get to it.

Reasons To Play ‘Destiny 2’s’ Trials Of Osiris

Reasons # 1: Gain Access To Amazing Gea

Each week playing this part of the game gives a different experience. For instance, in a particular week, you will realize several wins can provide you with wondrous loot. And, if you win in a row, imagine the rewards you can get. Winning seven matches in a row is synonymous with going Flawless, and the rewards for going Flawless are bountiful. For example, some of the rewards you will get include getting the weekly Adept Trials weapon (such as the Igneous Hammer for the November 3rd to 7th run), and a chance at acquiring unique cosmetic items. I would also point out that weapons in the loot are on a seasonal rotation. Here you can check out the weapons available in Destiny 2’s Trilas Loot.

However, winning this part of the game is difficult, and what’s more, when you attempt to win it continually. Instead of using cheats that won’t give you the real experience of playing “Destiny 2,” it is recommended that you get help from platforms that offer Trials of Osiris boosting or Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris carry. These Destiny Trials carries can guarantee that you get the rewards you deserve since you will be accomplishing every hurdle.

Reason # 2: Get The Most Out Of Your Winning Streaks

Trials of Osiris have many modes that will lead you to obtain the rewards valuable for your class or subclass. One of the most complex yet among the most rewarding is going Flawless. You will learn more about going Flawless later on. But what we are saying here is that the perks you’ll get when you constantly achieve winning streaks are beyond what you could possibly imagine. This should give you sufficient reason why you shouldn’t hesitate and be afraid to play the game’s Trials of Osiris.

But, at the same time, the rewards that await you when you go Flawless (not to mention doing it repeatedly to make those rewards stay) are difficult to achieve. You have to make the effort, and there are chances your teammates may also ruin the game. Plus, the map for a particular week may also be challenging to beat, among many other reasons.

So, if you find yourself in these situations, it is recommended that you get help from a Trials of Osiris boost, allowing you you get closer to achieving the various goals in the game.

Reason # 3: It Can Enhance Various Skills

Whether you complete Trials of Osiris with a Destiny 2 Trials boost or without, playing this part of the game significantly enhances your skills both in PvP and PvE. Basically, the reason for this is that you have a unique map each week.

But we advise you to take the route of completing Trials with a boost. This is because it also teaches you how you can play PvP content better. Watching over professional and talented teammates in this content will, of course, increase your skills and stats, aside from just giving you excellent armor and gear.

But, The Trials Of Osiris Are Difficult To Accomplish

However, with all those fantastic rewards waiting for you, it is just right for the game to make the ways difficult. Aside from a challenging PvP mode and the prerequisite of a high-skilled premade team consisting of three players, there’s another obstacle before you can achieve the Flawless title – the matchmaking algorithm. You fight with a team that has the same number of wins as what you have, among many other complications.

Which Is Why You Should Get A Trials Of Osiris Flawless Boost

We mentioned about going Flawless earlier, so we’d like to elaborate on this further. Basically, going Flawless is when you win seven matches, and not just seven matches, but winning all of them in a row. There are several rewards when you achieve this Flawless Passage in the game.

Players who are able to achieve going Flawless can visit The Lighthouse, a very important hub that provides you with exclusive rewards. Specifically, the chest inside The Lighthouse grants a player Adept weapon mods, Ascendant Shards, a high-stat Trials armor, and an Adept variant of a Trials weapon. But remember that the Adept weapon granted as a reward changes each week.

Moreover, first-time Flawless gamers will receive a suite of emblems that will change your Trials-themed armor’s glow.

Particularly, when you achieve this mode, your Trials armor and weapons will illuminate to show off your accomplishment to other gamers. But you need to go Flawless repeatedly if you want this glow to continue. Your Trials glow decays after two weeks if you don’t go Flawless continuously.

Each emblem gives the following glows:

● Blue glow for Light For The Lost

● Gold glow for Hardened By Trial/Any Non-Trials Emblem

● Red glow for Flawless Empyrean

However, even the most avid “Destiny 2” gamers admit that it isn’t easy to go Flawless and achieve its requirements of winning streaks. They are saying that “all the best PvP are there,” crushing them. But, they’re also brought into a dilemma because the perks and rewards for winning are just worth the effort. So, how do you bridge the gap? It is recommended that you get a Trials of Osiris Flawless boost. There are so many platforms offering this, so how do you select the right one? We recommend that you take a look at Boosthive’s. Their Trials of Osiris boost service will definitely give you the title and the rewards you deserve without the stress.

Boosthive’s “Destiny 2” Trials carry service includes a Flawless Trials of Osiris run, your access to the Lighthouse, Pinnacle Trials weapons, powerful Trials gear, and, of course, the ultimate triumph.

How A Trials Of Osiris Flawless Carry Works

Let’s get back to the basics to understand this. The Trials of Osiris are a PvP game mode in “Destiny 2” which rotates around 3v3 matches. One of the most ideal achievements is going Flawless, but you must win your opponents seven times in a row without losing a match and yielding a match results in failure in accomplishing the challenge, which will have you start over, unfortunately. But you don’t have to go through the eye of the needle. A Trials of Osiris Flawless carry will help you win the game.


Finishing the Trials of Osiris in “Destiny 2” and going Flawless will offer you tons of rewards, such as exclusive weapons, Adept variants, high-stat armor, Pinnacle gear rewards, Masterwork materials, and Ascendant Shards. But, as has been said, it isn’t easy to attain the prerequisites. Luckily, there are platforms that can offer you help to complete these parts of the game with flying colors. Avail of a Trials of Osiris Flawless carry today.

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