Hedonists – Who Are They and What Are Their Features?

 September 2, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

Hedonism is an ancient Greek word, which means pleasure. There are several types of hedonism, but all of them focus on pleasure. The philosophy of this term traces its roots back to Ancient Greece, whereby it is said to have been brought by Aristippus of Cyrene. He was a student of Socrates, and he believed in maximising pleasure.

Today, the word hedonism has different terms and perceptions. However, one thing remains a fact, that we all prefer pleasure to pain. We can spend time enjoying things that bring enjoyment in our lives like playing automaty do gry online games. Those who enjoy drinking enjoy the satisfaction that comes from it during the moment and cares nothing about the hangover that will follow.

Who is a Hedonist?

A hedonist, just as in the examples above, is someone who believes that seeking pleasure in life is the most important thing than anything else. This type of person values his or her own enjoyment and is content with that kind of lifestyle. They believe that what drives people is nothing but pure pleasure. That may include anything that is fun to do, for instance, watching a TV program.

Most people tend to assume that everyone is a hedonist since we all enjoy pleasure. However, this is not the case. We all enjoy happiness and having fun, but most of us will not sacrifice some things in life for pleasure. For instance, there is no way you will spend your income on the weekend in the Bahamas when you have bills to pay.

In history, hedonism was associated with people who gave a higher value to drinking, partying, and sexual indulgences. However, note that there are different approaches, with some having artistic, social, or mental pleasures. Besides, some common types of hedonism include psychological hedonism, ethical, Christian, and rational hedonism. Examples of famous hedonists include Aristippus, Epicurus, and Lucretius.

What are the Features of Hedonists? 

    1. They believe that pleasure is the most important quest for any human. Hedonists tend to believe that pleasure is the only good thing for an individual.
    2. Pain and suffering are the only evil: Hedonists believe that maximising your pleasure is the only way you can reduce pain and suffering. In short, they try to avoid anything that causes them pain at all costs.
    3. Main Goal: The goal of life is to have pleasure and less pain
    4. These kinds of individuals believe that the only kind of pleasure that exists is the one that does not cause them pain.
    5. Some gain pleasure by helping others: Some hedonists enjoy helping those in need. However, they would be putting their needs first before the other in that they are helping to maximise their pleasure.
    6. They always find time to relax and enjoy themselves no matter what the world expects of them.
    7. They are not just limited to materialistic pleasure. Also, money does not limit them in finding pleasure.

In today’s world, hedonism is still being practised, but the meaning has taken a different kind of approach than in ancient times. However, one thing remains – hedonists can sometimes be called selfish since they tend to get carried by the pleasure that they forget the harm that may have in their future.

BC Editorial Team


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