Guide to equipment and characteristics for professions in the update Dragonflight for World of Warcraft

 February 10, 2023

By  BC Editorial Team

In the Dragonflight update, which was released to the public in November 2022, all types of professions, how they develop and the impact on the quality of goods produced, were significantly changed.

Now players can choose a specialization – that is, a narrow direction for developing their skills in professions. Specialization will allow you to create truly unique and valuable items in the chosen direction of the profession.

For advanced mastering of professions, you need to get to the Dragon Islands and start pumping all the necessary characteristics. This can be done by reaching level 60, then the content of the Shadowlands update will go to Dragonflight and the player will continue to develop his character.

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Crafters can now rework most items. To do this, you will need to dismantle the old equipment and then the master will try to improve it by spending some of the materials and the resource – the zeal of the master.


Basic information about characteristics in crafting professions

Each recipe associated with crafting professions has a bar that indicates the likelihood of producing the highest quality item.

There are several ways to increase the likelihood of producing the highest quality products.

  1. Additional equipment and tools that will affect the quality of work with the profession. Tools can be bought, or ordered through the crafting table. Green quality items are simply bought from the marketplace, but blue quality items and above are custom-made. The main difference is that in addition to the characteristics, such items also increase the overall skill of the profession.
  2. Bonuses from the specialization of the profession – if you choose the direction of the development of the profession associated with the direct focus of the item that you are going to make, then the bonuses from such specialization will play in favor and increase the likelihood of creating an item of the highest quality.
  3. Quality materials for crafting – a list of required resources, their value and places where they can be obtained can be viewed in the new professions interface, which have become much more responsive and informative in relation to the player.


Characteristics that affect crafting professions in Dragonflight

In the new Dragonflight update, the developers have added four main characteristics to crafting professions that affect the overall performance of crafted items.

Overproduction – allows you to create several copies of products at once, spending the same amount of resources. Characteristics are pumped through craft talents and special tools.

Resourcefulness – allows you to use fewer materials than originally laid down in the recipe. It is pumped with the help of craft talents and tools.

Inspiration – significantly increases the likelihood of crafting an item of the highest quality due to a one-time increase in the general skill of the profession. The indicator depends on the total value and complexity of the creation of the selected item.

Speed – significantly reduces the time of working with items and materials necessary for production. It is pumped with the help of special equipment.

When one or several bonuses are triggered at once, you will see a corresponding notification in the crafting results window.

There is no need to strive to develop all the parameters at once. Each effect is applied situationally and is highly dependent on the chosen profession.

Overproduction will proc effectively on all items except Artisan gear.

Resourcefulness and inspiration will be very useful in constant work with the craft and will allow you to create the best equipment for yourself and sell on the marketplace.

Speed should be developed last, because accelerated work gives more pleasant effect than practical benefit.

Characteristics and their impact on gathering professions

Unlike artisans, gatherers have received three characteristics that affect the quality and quantity of mining professions.

You can develop them with the help of special equipment and pumping professional talents.

  • Accuracy – increases the chance to get twice the amount of resources during mining.
  • Dexterity – affects the speed of processing materials in the process of collecting resources.
  • Mindfulness – increases the likelihood of obtaining rare versions of resources during collections.

In the main window of the profession, you can track the overall progress of the characteristics.

The focus will be more on one of the three types of characteristics, and here you can go in two ways.

If you need as many resources as possible to sell, or upgrade your main profession, then develop accuracy.

If you need as many rare materials as possible, then pump attentiveness in all available ways.

In all cases, special equipment will help you a lot, which you can buy on the marketplace, order production through the order table, or create it yourself if you have the necessary skills.

The developers have significantly shuffled the ability to craft tools for each profession, so there will be at least one item that you cannot craft on your own.

The disadvantage of such a system is that it depends on other artisans and the need to spend gold, but the advantage is that other players will definitely ask for your service.

BC Editorial Team


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